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# Oct 18th, 09:44 alexdd55976 long time ago... too long for my little brain :)
# Oct 18th, 09:44 dereuromark it was, but since they all inherit normal Table class, I dont see any issues.
# Oct 18th, 09:42 alexdd55976 singular was convention in 2.x? i could not remember it ever was singular?
# Oct 18th, 09:41 dereuromark why dont you try it and see for yourself? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 09:41 dereuromark i still dont follow
# Oct 18th, 09:28 val For compatibility with 2.x code. Something like `TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('Post', ['className' => PostsTable::class]);`
# Oct 18th, 09:25 dereuromark what do you mean? singular model aliases? for what?
# Oct 18th, 09:24 val @dereuromark use singular model aliases like in 2.x. How would that work this that?
# Oct 18th, 09:03 challgren Doh missed that!
# Oct 18th, 09:03 javier.villanueva yes thanks ;)
# Oct 18th, 09:03 challgren Ahh ok, wasnt sure if you resolved it
# Oct 18th, 09:02 javier.villanueva @challgren nop, the problem was that my namespace was wrong in the task file
# Oct 18th, 09:01 challgren @javier.villanueva did you by chance modify your queue task after your started the process? The file is generally cached in memory
# Oct 18th, 08:55 neon1024 Hey @jotpe
# Oct 18th, 08:52 jotpe Hey :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 08:47 dereuromark bancer: I added a screenshot: https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper/blob/master/docs/Generator.md#tablefinders magic strings are usually bad, but if you have typehinting/autocomplete on them, it becomes OKish :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 08:42 neon1024 Anyway, it’s more about if the code works right? ;)
# Oct 18th, 08:40 admad nothing can beat ST3 in terms of responsive since it's native
# Oct 18th, 08:40 neon1024 On the front-end thing, PHP Storm’s Vue plugin does work well :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 08:40 admad if one doesn't need all the bells and whistles that phpstorm provides then vscode with phpintelephense plugin is also decent enough. Plus for frontend dev vscode is probably the best these days
# Oct 18th, 08:39 neon1024 Glad it’s been improved :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 08:36 val The only problem with Eclipse is that is uses a lot of RAM. But I can live with that.
# Oct 18th, 08:36 dereuromark I also dont think other ides have a so powerful meta file feature than phpstorm does.
# Oct 18th, 08:32 conehead Wee but not I can try to use Vue with cake. Really wonder how this will work out
# Oct 18th, 08:31 conehead I tried so many. PhpStorm is just the best by far. Will never go back
# Oct 18th, 08:31 val Scrolling and auto-complete is very fast in my Eclipse.
# Oct 18th, 08:30 neon1024 Then I went to Sublime Text 3, with all the plugins, and then work bought me PHP Storm :)
# Oct 18th, 08:29 neon1024 Then I went to Netbeans, and that was even slower
# Oct 18th, 08:29 neon1024 Auto-complete
# Oct 18th, 08:29 neon1024 Scrolling
# Oct 18th, 08:28 val @neon1024 The speed of Eclipse is good enough for development. I notice no slowness. What operations were slow for you?
# Oct 18th, 08:26 admad it's java so... :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 08:23 neon1024 When I tried Eclipse it was super slow
# Oct 18th, 08:23 neon1024 @val How is Eclipse these days? I used to use Aptana a long time ago, until they merged the PHP Plugin and it all went to shit
# Oct 18th, 08:22 conehead Good morning chap
# Oct 18th, 08:22 conehead @val Yes, default php code completion and navigation works out of the box. Interesting part is what happens when you type `this->loadModel('`. Editor does not know what models are existing and it can't know as it does not know how the framework is built. This is where the ide helper comes in handy. For this special example it helps you to auto complete the finder methods
# Oct 18th, 08:22 neon1024 Morning all, happy Friday :tada:
# Oct 18th, 08:01 kiwi_25 Hi
# Oct 18th, 07:59 dereuromark find('... auto completes the magic string? As it does for me using the helper?
# Oct 18th, 07:58 dereuromark You have auto complete in Eclipse without any help? I doubt that ^^
# Oct 18th, 07:57 dereuromark Bancer: sure, sounds good
# Oct 18th, 07:56 javier.villanueva solved... im wrong with the namespace
# Oct 18th, 07:56 val @dereuromark It would be nice to have a list of build-in finders in the docs. Regarding IDE helper it is not really clear how it would help. I use Eclipse. The code completion and methods nagivation works out-of-the-box.
# Oct 18th, 07:52 javier.villanueva nop
# Oct 18th, 07:52 javier.villanueva 2019-10-18 07:46:25
# Oct 18th, 07:52 javier.villanueva jobtype = UpdateAssetPaths
# Oct 18th, 07:52 dereuromark Make sure the job haa not a timestamp in the future
# Oct 18th, 07:52 javier.villanueva or bin\cake queue runworker
# Oct 18th, 07:52 javier.villanueva bin\cake queue runworker -g UpdateAssetPaths
# Oct 18th, 07:51 javier.villanueva but there are a job in database
# Oct 18th, 07:51 dereuromark Thats weird. How do u run it?
# Oct 18th, 07:51 javier.villanueva always "nothing to do"
# Oct 18th, 07:51 dereuromark Does the runner pick up the job?
# Oct 18th, 07:50 javier.villanueva and progress didnt change
# Oct 18th, 07:50 javier.villanueva nothing... I launch de job from console, a record in qeue_processes is created, in any seconds dissapear, but the job is not terminated
# Oct 18th, 07:48 conehead Ah okay, didn't look into it this far. Thought it just takes the name
# Oct 18th, 07:48 dereuromark Conehead: no as the Signature requires Query as input
# Oct 18th, 07:47 dereuromark Bancer: with ide helper directly as auto complete in your ide. See discussion above and link.
# Oct 18th, 07:47 javier.villanueva mm i see now that in proccesses are a new register
# Oct 18th, 07:45 javier.villanueva I am using cake queue, I have a task in database, but when I run worker always tell me: "nothing to do, sleeping"
# Oct 18th, 07:24 conehead Well if you check the `Table` class you can see `findAll`, `findList`, `findThreaded`. And `findOrCreate`...can this one not be falsely be used as a finder method although it is none
# Oct 18th, 07:18 val https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/retrieving-data-and-resultsets.html#using-finders-to-load-data
# Oct 18th, 07:17 alexdd55976 what is a framework finder?
# Oct 18th, 07:17 val Hi, is there a list of all framework finders somewhere in 3.x docs?
# Oct 18th, 07:07 javier.villanueva ok i will try
# Oct 18th, 07:06 conehead mark to the rescue again
# Oct 18th, 07:06 conehead Seems outdated. Have a look at this: https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-queue
# Oct 18th, 07:04 javier.villanueva are you use CakeResque for it? or another plugin?
# Oct 18th, 07:02 javier.villanueva you're right for sure
# Oct 18th, 07:01 conehead I might be wrong, but I think it is never a good idea to save 10.001 entities in one go with a http request
# Oct 18th, 07:00 conehead Sounds for me like you should create a task and let them create somewhere in the background
# Oct 18th, 06:55 javier.villanueva I need to saveMany children entities of an entity (when save it), storing a parent value in children. I am testing with 10.000 children, but its too time... the faster method is saveMany, its true?
# Oct 18th, 06:41 javier.villanueva morning all
# Oct 18th, 06:35 alexdd55976 thanks, you too
# Oct 18th, 06:18 conehead wish you a good friday morning alex :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 18th, 06:15 alexdd55976 morning
# Oct 18th, 02:54 francis.nadal Thank you @phantomwatson! I will take a look when I get in the office hehe
# Oct 17th, 23:24 dereuromark jep jep: https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper/pull/147/files#diff-4d6ceddef15d34ac6842caff998da528R51 fixed the false positives in the process.
# Oct 17th, 22:19 dereuromark I think my ide helper also autocompletes using the former, but I would have to check. in case you are using it you could more quickly confirm it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 17th, 22:13 coreus Yeah, figured. I guess stick with `camelCase` for conciseness.
# Oct 17th, 22:13 ndm Personally I'm using the former, looks nicer imho.
# Oct 17th, 22:10 ndm Doesn't matter as in PHP method names are case insensitive, `sOmEqUaLiFiEr` would work as well...
# Oct 17th, 22:05 coreus while CakePHP supports both, should custom finders when addressed by camelCase with or UpperCamelCase? I.e: `->find('recentGamesInSeason') vs ->find('RecentGamesInSeason' `
# Oct 17th, 20:18 bertinmendoza4 Reply
# Oct 17th, 20:17 alpha testing
# Oct 17th, 19:30 dereuromark jep
# Oct 17th, 19:29 admad @dereuromark true, if it's a collection need to use ->isEmpty() on it
# Oct 17th, 19:11 myappinterviews What's up @bertinmendoza4
# Oct 17th, 19:11 bertinmendoza4 Hey @myappinterviews
# Oct 17th, 18:45 phantomwatson And it's worth noting that `provider()` has been deprecated in favor of `getProvider()` and `setProvider()`.
# Oct 17th, 18:44 phantomwatson @francis.nadal, I think that would be in the relevant table's `validationDefault()` method.
# Oct 17th, 17:35 francis.nadal Hi its me again, currently studying the cakephp-upload plugin. I wanted to implement its validation as per documentation https://cakephp-upload.readthedocs.io/en/latest/validation.html but I seem to not understand where to put these. Thank you in advance for any help.
# Oct 17th, 17:02 dereuromark collections if object collection, for array it is clear
# Oct 17th, 17:02 dereuromark true as in !empty() returns true here
# Oct 17th, 17:02 dereuromark @admad wouldnt a collection return true on empty (count 0) for this?
# Oct 17th, 16:43 admad @neon1024 what's wrong with simply `!empty($company->websites)` ?
# Oct 17th, 16:42 dereuromark In general, no app should ever go live without this component or sth similar on middleware activated, as it is basically a recipe for desaster if you trust your validation rules to work ;)
# Oct 17th, 16:42 dereuromark You just need to be a bit more precise in your questions :slightly_smiling_face: It is about payload trimming your case it seems.
# Oct 17th, 16:38 felipe.marinho Thank you @dereuromark :pray:
# Oct 17th, 16:33 dereuromark https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-tools/blob/master/docs/Component/Common.md#trimming-payload-data