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# Dec 13th, 14:49 ricksaccous yeah I think so
# Dec 13th, 14:49 challgren Names have to be encrypted?????
# Dec 13th, 14:48 ricksaccous lol yeah, sometimes it's handy to be able to store people's names and stuff, especially when you have to query by them, but i guess europeans will find workarounds
# Dec 13th, 14:43 challgren As an american GDPR sounds like a giant PITA
# Dec 13th, 14:38 ricksaccous i suppose you'd really have to dissect the actual law and not the intended policies
# Dec 13th, 14:38 ricksaccous just a curious guy
# Dec 13th, 14:38 ricksaccous like store the data on a server somewhere else where GDPR is not enforced
# Dec 13th, 14:38 ricksaccous i wonder if a weird loophole can be used to get around GDPR
# Dec 13th, 14:22 neon1024 Which you could pass to TableRegistry to retrieve the instance
# Dec 13th, 14:22 neon1024 It’s actually the table alias https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Datasource/EntityTrait.php#L1414
# Dec 13th, 13:22 storkovo ```--hard HEAD~3 -q```
# Dec 13th, 13:19 admad :face_with_finger_covering_closed_lips:
# Dec 13th, 13:19 storkovo I dont know any more if it is even legal to mention these (or any) two companies in one sentence :P
# Dec 13th, 13:16 admad yeah leave the harvesting of sensitive personal data to the tech giants like FB and Google :P
# Dec 13th, 13:12 storkovo still, I’d rather think of solution how to have usable log records completely free of sensitive data
# Dec 13th, 13:09 storkovo So the point actually is to make gdpr ghosting from logs easier, right?
# Dec 13th, 13:08 jh I want to put logs in redis for that purpose
# Dec 13th, 13:08 storkovo (in case, you log sensitive data for some reason I dont know)
# Dec 13th, 13:07 storkovo and from logs
# Dec 13th, 13:07 jh Deletion from backups is
# Dec 13th, 13:07 jh @storkovo deletion from redis aint a problem
# Dec 13th, 13:05 storkovo ah, assumptions attack again, sorry to hear that
# Dec 13th, 13:03 lubos @storkovo well i should read the docs first > By default, PHP errors are displayed when debug is true, and logged when debug is false. from this sentence i understand there will be no log file when debug is set to true, i assumed opposite :)
# Dec 13th, 12:58 storkovo @lubos sounds like bug in that “doing nothing” code, missing “return” statement or something
# Dec 13th, 12:47 val That returns the entity alias. What I need is the reference to the table class or the name of the table class.
# Dec 13th, 12:41 Nitrogen afaict bake generates a fixture-entry for every model association.
# Dec 13th, 12:41 Nitrogen Hi, guys. What would be the preferred way to implement fixtures for models that all use the same database table? Do I create a fixture file for each of them? Or can we use aliases somewhere?
# Dec 13th, 12:25 lubos Hey all, any idea why I can't see file log for the error I see in the browser? browser says RuntimeException, but can't see it in the file log. Configuration is same as per app skeleton, only change is ExceptionRenderer (but in case I have debug on, which is the case, i do nothing there only passing render to parent)
# Dec 13th, 11:50 storkovo @jh do not forget that any person can ask you to remove their data at any time - and you are obligated to remove them everywhere, even from logs (and this one is really tricky task)
# Dec 13th, 11:47 storkovo @jh history of who/when/what (accessed/displayed sensitive user data). Coming from huge ecommerce company and chair Release Manager (the owner of whole development cycle), I can tell you that it is much easier to anonymize data than protect them and keep history of access.
# Dec 13th, 11:37 jh What do ypu mean by auditing access
# Dec 13th, 11:36 jh Not an option but access is limited to specific people
# Dec 13th, 11:35 storkovo @jh If you do need to distinguish users from the redis logs for some reason, it is easier to anonymize their identifiers for these logs, this way you dont have to worry about security (and audit of access) of them.
# Dec 13th, 11:31 storkovo @jh better NOT log anything sensitive, despite of log target - if you do (log anything what is regulated by GDPR), you will face far more complex problem - how to audit access to these logs (it is not just about granting/revoking access to these data), especially if your app (and therefore app users) will have an access
# Dec 13th, 11:24 jh thats much better than file logs - isnt it?
# Dec 13th, 11:24 jh you can search through the logs and delete individual items too
# Dec 13th, 11:24 jh Redis has expires feature
# Dec 13th, 11:24 jh I am not setting the policies but I can advice on doing it better
# Dec 13th, 11:23 jh @storkovo whats missing, how do you solve the issue?
# Dec 13th, 11:23 jh no rotation, just expiration/deletion
# Dec 13th, 11:15 storkovo log rotation/expiration is not enough to have GDPR compliant logs
# Dec 13th, 11:11 jh and then expire automatically (GDPR)
# Dec 13th, 11:10 jh also now I need to setup redis logging... basically i want log files to be readable by the application itself
# Dec 13th, 11:10 jh can I add some docs to readme simply pointing at https://redis.io/commands
# Dec 13th, 11:10 jh @lorenzo just wanted to say thanks for https://github.com/lorenzo/cakephp-redis ... i was a bit confused at first because I had to manually add a repo to composer.json and then there was nothing much but transactional mapping to multi... but it seems it just supports whatever redis does magically, such as calling ->append()
# Dec 13th, 10:26 javier.villanueva ahm sorry... already response by neon
# Dec 13th, 10:26 javier.villanueva @bancer $entity->source() ?
# Dec 13th, 10:26 jh @k4t I;d look at what cakephp/app version was up to date back then
# Dec 13th, 10:25 jh any of you using https://github.com/lorenzo/cakephp-redis ?
# Dec 13th, 09:56 neon1024 Will return a string alias of the Table class
# Dec 13th, 09:56 neon1024 `$this->getSource()`
# Dec 13th, 09:49 val Hi, what would be the simplest way to get the reference to the table class from an entity object in 3.x?
# Dec 13th, 09:25 yadav.manu36 my problem is same as below so please suggest me what we need to do https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50858021/cakephp3-cookie-value-not-being-kept I am not getting proper solution and also CakePHP Book Doc is not clear https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/request-response.html#cookies
# Dec 13th, 09:19 dereuromark Joe: you can do that. I use a helper wrapper for it to make things easier
# Dec 13th, 08:58 k4t how can I install latest CakePHP App Skeleton which is compatible with CakePHP 3.1.14?
# Dec 13th, 08:58 k4t Hi
# Dec 13th, 08:54 yadav.manu36 I am not getting proper solution and also CakePHP Book Doc is not clear https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/request-response.html#cookies
# Dec 13th, 08:52 yadav.manu36 @conehead @challgren my problem is same as below https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50858021/cakephp3-cookie-value-not-being-kept
# Dec 13th, 08:15 javier.villanueva morning all
# Dec 13th, 07:40 challgren Have you checked to see if the request actually has the cookie, using postman or chrome inspector
# Dec 13th, 07:21 conehead Maybe it IS null
# Dec 13th, 07:21 conehead Probably it is just not set anymore
# Dec 13th, 07:20 conehead Seems like there is the problem
# Dec 13th, 07:20 yadav.manu36 No idea :)
# Dec 13th, 07:19 conehead how?
# Dec 13th, 07:19 yadav.manu36 @conehead yes
# Dec 13th, 07:15 conehead How does the cookie look like when ```$this->request->getCookie('referralCode');``` returns NULL?
# Dec 13th, 06:48 slackebot ->withHttpOnly(true); $cookies = $cookies->add($cookie); $this->response = $this->response->withCookie($cookie); } And after some time i come on this page again and get cookie but getting NULL $referralCode = $this->request->getCookie('referralCode'); Please help me
# Dec 13th, 06:48 yadav.manu36 I am post this issue again, can anyone help me. I have created cookie on signup page like below: if($this->request->getQuery('referral') andand !$cookies->has('referralCode')){ $cookie = (new \Cake\Http\Cookie\Cookie('referralCode')) ->withValue($this->request->getQuery('referral')) ->withExpiry(new \DateTime('+1 year')) ->withPath('/') ->withSecure(false)
# Dec 13th, 06:04 kgb.acct.personal Is it not recommended to use Configure class in view?
# Dec 12th, 22:49 sdevore So one can always build a local version of the docs for offline use… I’ve done it in the past with the docker images https://github.com/cakephp/docs#build-the-documentation-with-docker
# Dec 12th, 22:41 savant can only vouch for the rest of the subsites :)
# Dec 12th, 22:41 savant Yeah I dont really have access to either :)
# Dec 12th, 22:39 challgren Ahh ok, yeah not a very pleasant experience with my.cakephp.org and cakefest.org
# Dec 12th, 22:38 savant @challgren I’ll get that fixed up - that site isn’t managed by me so I cant do much about it, but we’ll get it fixed regardless :)
# Dec 12th, 22:38 savant @luizcmarin?
# Dec 12th, 22:37 luizcmarin whole family together ... good time to rethink the manual .... :face_with_rolling_eyes:
# Dec 12th, 22:35 challgren Yep one of the 3 links on my.cakephp.org/user/username
# Dec 12th, 22:34 savant is that a website linked from somewhere?
# Dec 12th, 22:32 challgren http://community.cakephp.org/ is coming back name not resolved
# Dec 12th, 22:31 savant sites should be coming back online, im checking each one one-by-one
# Dec 12th, 22:23 savant GhostPHP
# Dec 12th, 22:23 savant I did not
# Dec 12th, 22:23 challgren He probably posted that tweet :P
# Dec 12th, 22:23 savant :)
# Dec 12th, 22:23 savant I am the team!
# Dec 12th, 17:05 noel Ah never mind... was `edit(event)` instead of `edit(this)`
# Dec 12th, 17:03 noel The above sort of works, but it doesn't pass the event in.
# Dec 12th, 17:02 noel E.g. `<?= $this->Html->link('<q-icon name="edit" />', ['action' => 'edit', $enquiry->id], ['escape' => false, 'onclick' => 'edit(this)']) ?>` ```<script> function edit(event) { console.log('edit'); console.log(event); event.stopPropagation(); window.top.location.href = "http://localhost:8080/#/enquiry"; } </script>```
# Dec 12th, 17:02 noel Is there a way that I can reference a javascript function defined in my template in the `onclick` value of an HTML link generated by Cake? (The docs don't show such an example).
# Dec 12th, 16:01 ricksaccous good call that's prob it
# Dec 12th, 16:00 ricksaccous it was looking for the setTemplate widget XD
# Dec 12th, 16:00 neothermic which is why the errors didn't make sense!
# Dec 12th, 16:00 ricksaccous lol
# Dec 12th, 16:00 neothermic I ponder if the call function of formhelper tried to make a setTemplate input
# Dec 12th, 15:59 neothermic ooh!
# Dec 12th, 15:59 neothermic I ponder why it didn't complain about... oh..
# Dec 12th, 15:56 ricksaccous awesome!
# Dec 12th, 15:55 neothermic 100% better :)
# Dec 12th, 15:54 neothermic weird!