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# Yesterday, 23:43 challgren then you cd into the upgrade di8rectory and run your commands
# Yesterday, 23:43 niel45 yup, did it that way
# Yesterday, 23:43 challgren It needs to be setup as its own project/folder outside the app/plugin
# Yesterday, 23:42 challgren You do not install it into your current app/plugin
# Yesterday, 23:42 niel45 Installing goes as expected, but the ones to run it on your application/plugin fail at first stepo
# Yesterday, 23:41 niel45 I'm trying to use the instructions here https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/appendices/4-0-upgrade-guide.html but they don't work for me
# Yesterday, 23:39 niel45 can anyone help with the 4.x upgrade tool?
# Yesterday, 23:38 corey.taylor.fl Update TwigView to twig 3.0? https://github.com/WyriHaximus/TwigView/issues/219
# Yesterday, 20:26 luizcmarin the twig/twig is updated 3.0, but in cake is 2.12.2..... I am suggesting his update.
# Yesterday, 17:59 martin oh it is standalone I think? but can I also use custom oauth?
# Yesterday, 17:53 martin yes I did found that one, but that works with the old auth component?
# Yesterday, 17:50 admad you can use my social-auth plugin :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 17:49 admad oauth is technically authorzation
# Yesterday, 17:48 martin hmm cakephp authenticain middleware does not support login via oauth (like facebook etc) because it is not a authentication method? hmm :S
# Yesterday, 14:50 dereuromark usually
# Yesterday, 14:50 dereuromark in 4.x /templates/
# Yesterday, 14:48 luizcmarin To customize bake, the manual says:               "Create a new directory / src / Template / Bake /." but the 'template' directory has been moved out of 'src'. Is the correct then '/ Template / Bake /'?
# Yesterday, 13:30 luizcmarin Hi, I am reviewing the manual in Portuguese and sent two corrections. I can't see where they stay after we send. Could you just let me know how to see this? is corrections for https://book.cakephp.org/4/pt/index.html and https://book.cakephp.org/4/pt/intro.html
# Yesterday, 13:17 damiano before inserting updated records
# Yesterday, 13:17 damiano basically i have to remove all records that have property_id = 10
# Yesterday, 13:17 damiano is it possible to delete all record that has a specific field before inserting?
# Yesterday, 13:16 damiano hello
# Yesterday, 07:00 admad @neon1024 for your testing pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: https://github.com/UseMuffin/Webservice/tree/cake-4.x
# Yesterday, 05:11 GigaFlow feature*
# Yesterday, 05:11 GigaFlow How to use remember_me featre in new Authentication plugin?
# Yesterday, 03:59 turkles What is the easiest way to do a LEFT OUTER join? ie. I want all entries where a particular association is empty
# Dec 6th, 21:13 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/orm/associations.html#hasmany-associations
# Dec 6th, 21:12 challgren and bindingKey
# Dec 6th, 21:12 challgren foreignKey parameter for your relationship
# Dec 6th, 21:10 dogmatic69 for example joining by a username if that was a field in both tables
# Dec 6th, 21:10 dogmatic69 Is there a way to define a relation between two tables not using primaryKeys
# Dec 6th, 21:07 dogmatic69 o/
# Dec 6th, 16:53 neon1024 I’ll look at it again on Monday, and perhaps I’ll have a Eureka! moment
# Dec 6th, 16:53 neon1024 Thanks very much for the help though @ndm
# Dec 6th, 16:53 neon1024 Oh well
# Dec 6th, 16:52 ndm `errors()` genereally works fine, it's what the patching mechanism uses too.
# Dec 6th, 16:52 neon1024 I reckon my input is wrong somehow
# Dec 6th, 16:52 neon1024 Especially as `processRules` has the ValidationSet as `$rules`
# Dec 6th, 16:51 neon1024 Knowing Cake though `@mixed $field` ;P
# Dec 6th, 16:51 neon1024 No, I just wonder if my input is incorrect, was more what I was thinking :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 6th, 16:50 ndm Well, the naming is a bit off, but that's really not causing any problems :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 6th, 16:50 neon1024 As it looks just for allowEmpty which is deprecated
# Dec 6th, 16:50 neon1024 You know what, I don’t think `errors()` works with the `allowEmptyString`
# Dec 6th, 16:47 neon1024 Which would make `$field` a ValidationSet instance, which doesn’t seem right for a variable called $field
# Dec 6th, 16:47 neon1024 Which is odd as in `errors` the foreach is for ` ```foreach ($this->_fields as $name => $field) {```
# Dec 6th, 16:47 neon1024 Using reflection to investigate `_fields` in the Validator, I can see it’s an array of `fieldName => validationSet`
# Dec 6th, 16:43 neon1024 Good point on the validator instance though! Had not thought of that one
# Dec 6th, 16:43 neon1024 Well it’s create by default and that’s what this table class does, so that should be okay :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 6th, 16:42 neon1024 Yeah, seems it’s all setup but `errors()` doesn’t actually run like it says that it does :thinking_face:
# Dec 6th, 16:42 ndm It should work... you don't need a custom validator instance though, you can use `getValidator()`, and you need to make sure that pass whether it's an create or update to the `errors()` method.
# Dec 6th, 16:39 neon1024 Shame really, that really felt like something that could be achieved with just a Validator
# Dec 6th, 16:39 neon1024 I guess it doesn’t work and I’ll have to use an integration test
# Dec 6th, 16:37 neon1024 Although I am assuming my validation will throw errors!
# Dec 6th, 16:36 neon1024 When checking `$validator->field('id')` for example, you see the rules in the ValidationSet. Perhaps the docblock is wrong and `errors()` doesn’t actually do what it says
# Dec 6th, 16:35 neon1024 As my assumption is that the app table class just decorates an instance with the rules
# Dec 6th, 16:34 slackebot2 <neon1024>
# Dec 6th, 16:34 neon1024 Yeah, it is a table instance
# Dec 6th, 16:33 neon1024 Maybe, let me check, although it’s a baked test case
# Dec 6th, 16:33 ndm Maybe `$this->ProviderPortalSaleDataTable` isn't what you expect it to be.
# Dec 6th, 16:30 neon1024 At least when you query the field from the validator
# Dec 6th, 16:30 neon1024 protected $_rules => array(0) { }
# Dec 6th, 16:30 neon1024 Seems it’s not adding any rules?
# Dec 6th, 16:26 neon1024 That’s the wrong supposition as it’s default is `Cake\Validation\Validation`
# Dec 6th, 16:25 ricksaccous how can i buy a portal?
# Dec 6th, 16:25 neon1024 Seems using a new instance means it has no provider :thinking_face:
# Dec 6th, 16:23 neon1024 I’,m not even sure where to start looking for this type of test in the core tests
# Dec 6th, 16:23 neon1024 Although you’re probably right as this approach doesn’t seem to work, as the method always returns an empty array fore me
# Dec 6th, 16:23 neon1024 But that’s an integration test right? I just want to test validation, I assume that patchEntity works
# Dec 6th, 16:21 ndm I usually test implicitly by creating/patching/saving entities.
# Dec 6th, 16:19 ndm `$validator = $this->ProviderPortalSaleDataTable->getValidator('default');`
# Dec 6th, 16:13 slackebot2 <neon1024>
# Dec 6th, 16:13 neon1024 When I want to test my validation, I presume that it’s as simple as
# Dec 6th, 15:47 ricksaccous since changing the pk of a table is not possible without recreating it i don't believe
# Dec 6th, 15:46 ricksaccous if you already have a table there though you might as well destroy and recreate it
# Dec 6th, 15:46 ricksaccous yeah it is
# Dec 6th, 15:35 devito hello all, is it possable to add a composite key using a migration? i see the add index function accepts an array of id’s but i am assuming it will add the same type of index per column such as unique
# Dec 6th, 15:29 daniel.upshaw Has anyone ever trying using the concept of layouts, with View Cells? Like extending a base Cell Template
# Dec 6th, 14:57 ricksaccous at least that's where i tend to put that logic
# Dec 6th, 14:57 ricksaccous and setting it when you get the entity
# Dec 6th, 14:57 ricksaccous the only other pain is handling beforeMarshal
# Dec 6th, 14:57 ricksaccous i've recently just done that
# Dec 6th, 14:56 ricksaccous @challgren you can use that input mask jquery plugin
# Dec 6th, 14:13 admad > Its the dropdown for the dates throws them off they prefer to enter YYYY-mm-dd for example @challgren then can do so do with the html5 datetime inputs, which are default in cake 4 :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 6th, 13:00 neon1024 Oh I see
# Dec 6th, 13:00 challgren Its the dropdown for the dates throws them off they prefer to enter YYYY-mm-dd for example
# Dec 6th, 12:59 neon1024 I still think you can pass `'tabindex' => {n}` as a option
# Dec 6th, 12:58 challgren That is annoying honestly. My users are all old school dos guys and just like to tab through everything
# Dec 6th, 12:48 neon1024 Like the single date input which cropped up the other day
# Dec 6th, 12:47 neon1024 Perhaps there could be a plugin which contains a number of frequently requested form widgets already built
# Dec 6th, 12:46 neon1024 Often people talk about creating custom form widgets, but I haven’t looked into that
# Dec 6th, 12:46 neon1024 Yeah, I don’t like the string templates either
# Dec 6th, 12:46 val `echo $this->Form->control('title', ['templates' => ['inputContainer' => '{{content}}']]);` seems to work but it is so complex comparing to 2.x :(
# Dec 6th, 12:46 neon1024 I don’t know, sorry :(
# Dec 6th, 12:46 neon1024 So it is, well, in that case
# Dec 6th, 12:45 neon1024 Like `->radio()` or `checkbox()`
# Dec 6th, 12:45 neon1024 Perhaps it’s `->text()` but a specific type input method
# Dec 6th, 12:45 val `Form->input()` is deprecated and it uses `Form->control()`
# Dec 6th, 12:43 neon1024 I think the easier way is instead of using `->Form->control()` is to use `->Form->input()` or similar
# Dec 6th, 12:42 neon1024 Although note you’ll lose the wrapping css class and responsive error class
# Dec 6th, 12:42 neon1024 `$this->Form->setConfig('templates.inputContainer', '{{content}}')`