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# Dec 13th, 17:29 damiano ah ok!
# Dec 13th, 17:29 challgren Too much 3.x and 4.x code in my head now
# Dec 13th, 17:29 challgren Me? Nope. I even stopped 2.10 support a few months ago
# Dec 13th, 17:28 damiano are you still giving support for cake 1.x ?!!?
# Dec 13th, 17:25 damiano :)
# Dec 13th, 17:18 slackebot Action: challgren hides in corner with all the 1.x talk
# Dec 13th, 17:18 storkovo @admad I can imagine thing like that popping out during 1.x-3.x transition - there was some renaming stuff between 1.2->1.3, and 2.0 had deprecated things from 1.x, plus I am not sure when App::build() was added for paths (it also affected a lot of non-conventional things)
# Dec 13th, 17:11 admad > Support for finding classes in .php files that didn't match their declared names got dropped in that release. Why would one not have their class names match file names?
# Dec 13th, 17:07 sean.kelly The other reason (for anyone who cares) is that some of the changes between even minor release numbers are subtle but have vast effects. For example, 2.0 to 2.1 claims to be "API compatible" but that should come with an asterisk. Support for finding classes in `.php` files that didn't match their declared names got dropped in that release. The behavior in the application, though, wasn't a warning or a stack trace or any useful diagnostic,
# Dec 13th, 17:07 slackebot but instead was simply a `model->find` method with `recursive=2` no longer returning the expected results. Imagine finding that particular needle in a much larger haystack of many, many other changes.
# Dec 13th, 16:53 storkovo to keep your future github templates under your version control
# Dec 13th, 16:52 damiano last stupid question , i promise :) why does .github folder is not in .gitignore?
# Dec 13th, 16:47 damiano ok
# Dec 13th, 16:47 ndm `cakephp/app` (the application template) is not `cakephp/cakephp` (the framework), the former is available as 3.8.0, and will require the latest 3.8.x of the latter.
# Dec 13th, 16:43 damiano :|
# Dec 13th, 16:43 damiano i read 3.8.7 in the composer.json
# Dec 13th, 16:43 damiano Installing cakephp/app (3.8.0) - Installing cakephp/app (3.8.0): Downloading (100%)
# Dec 13th, 16:43 damiano ok a stupid question...but i am installing cake via cakephp/app why do i see:
# Dec 13th, 16:32 damiano i will use that tool thanks
# Dec 13th, 16:31 damiano ok
# Dec 13th, 16:31 damiano yeah i mean the master... "Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from CakePHP 2.x to 3.0.0."
# Dec 13th, 16:31 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/upgrade/tree/4.x
# Dec 13th, 16:31 damiano does it iwll be released when cakek 4 will come out ?
# Dec 13th, 16:31 challgren not 3.x to 4.x
# Dec 13th, 16:30 damiano @challgren tool for 2.x to 3.x is still under development :)
# Dec 13th, 16:29 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/upgrade
# Dec 13th, 16:29 sean.kelly To minimize surprises: it's a huge app, it requires extensive testing with pair of people with QA scripts, because I have zero experience with CakePHP, and barely even more with PHP itself—and the last time I made a big version jump it was an enormous headache. If Paul Hollywood were critiquing it, he'd say it was both overbaked and had a soggy bottom.
# Dec 13th, 16:29 damiano awesome!
# Dec 13th, 16:28 challgren 4 will provide tools to upgrade from 3.8
# Dec 13th, 16:28 ricksaccous that being said I encourage you to use the knew authentication/authorization, it isn't so bad
# Dec 13th, 16:27 ricksaccous because i know there will be a LOT of changes to start with 4 after it comes out
# Dec 13th, 16:27 ricksaccous @damiano you'll be good with the latest 3.x i personally don't want to jump to 4 until there are at least a couple versions out
# Dec 13th, 16:27 damiano *too
# Dec 13th, 16:27 damiano :)
# Dec 13th, 16:27 damiano oh i am talking about 4.x and there is still discussions on 2.4 :) i think i was going to fast
# Dec 13th, 16:27 ricksaccous or whatever latest 2.x is
# Dec 13th, 16:26 ricksaccous because you read the migration notes for each version/etc
# Dec 13th, 16:26 ricksaccous or are you migrating in small version jumps
# Dec 13th, 16:26 ricksaccous why not just make the jump to 2.8
# Dec 13th, 16:24 sean.kelly Curiously, the problem seems to be in 2.4.10 itself. If I deploy a raw (sorry, wrong terminology for this group—an "unmodified") Cake app, I gt the same problem. Going to 2.4.9 is fine, though.
# Dec 13th, 16:24 sean.kelly @ricksaccous … tried that earlier—big mistake! Going piecemeal resulted in a lot more sanity. Thanks though! ;)
# Dec 13th, 16:20 damiano thank you!
# Dec 13th, 16:20 damiano yeah ok
# Dec 13th, 16:20 storkovo you will not have to “start it again”, don’t worry :) Right now, you want something you know, is pretty well documented, does have support, and is released as stable version - to get your app out of the door first.
# Dec 13th, 16:18 damiano @storkovo yes you are right i think, i just asked because it is a new project and i hope it will be online for a long time, so starting again in 3 months it is a waste of time ...but, ok, i will go with 3.8
# Dec 13th, 16:16 storkovo yes - and I insist that you do not want to mess with these new approaches (unknown to you ATM) while they are unstable
# Dec 13th, 16:15 damiano now there are plugins, policies etc..
# Dec 13th, 16:15 damiano @storkovo ok but for example i read that for authentication / authorization everything is changed
# Dec 13th, 16:13 storkovo honestly, in measures of 2months projects, I think migration 3=>4 will be piece of cake - build your app with 3.x without usage of deprecated things, and you will be good with smooth transition to 4.x later
# Dec 13th, 16:13 damiano should i rewrite everything... ?
# Dec 13th, 16:12 damiano no?
# Dec 13th, 16:12 damiano i read it is not backward compatible, so it sounds dangerous :)
# Dec 13th, 16:11 damiano i know, but i am saying that i would avoid rewrite everything from zero if it iwll be released in ex. 3 months
# Dec 13th, 16:11 damiano break
# Dec 13th, 16:11 storkovo release = when it is done
# Dec 13th, 16:11 damiano does it brek everything?
# Dec 13th, 16:11 damiano @storkovo hmm and what about it will be released?
# Dec 13th, 16:10 damiano i do not use other plugin, just the "base setup"
# Dec 13th, 16:10 storkovo then 4.x it is bad idea
# Dec 13th, 16:10 damiano i know nothing about humidity of Madagscar :) but i can say that the project should be live in about 2 months
# Dec 13th, 16:09 storkovo depends (on project deadline, opensource plugins you want to use, seniority of developers, humidity above Madagascar etc.)
# Dec 13th, 16:09 damiano the last RC has been released so i think the 4.x will be available early
# Dec 13th, 16:08 damiano no?
# Dec 13th, 16:08 damiano so it is pointless starting with 3.8 ?
# Dec 13th, 16:08 damiano i read that 4.x is not backward compatible with 3.x
# Dec 13th, 16:05 damiano Guys, make any sense start new project with cake 4? is it too early?
# Dec 13th, 15:49 ricksaccous anyway sorry for not being helpful, good luck
# Dec 13th, 15:48 ricksaccous unless you've been working on it since a while back then i understand heh
# Dec 13th, 15:47 ricksaccous @sean.kelly should have just jumped to 3 man
# Dec 13th, 15:26 ivo Nvm, I found it, seems like I need to use the -s option to specify a path. Weird how this is not changeable in the datasource config where the docs reference me to.
# Dec 13th, 15:17 slackebot $this->call('Plugin1.AssetsSeed'); $this->call('Plugin1.IconsSeed'); $this->call('Plugin1.ThirdSeed'); } }```
# Dec 13th, 15:17 ivo Hi guys, I've recently started creating migrations in my project which uses multiple databases. I'm trying to run a migration for a cake Plugin using the Cakephp Migrations feature (https://book.cakephp.org/migrations/2/en/index.html). I'm trying to use the feature 'calling a seeder from another seeder', which makes use of the call() method. This is my DatabaseSeed ```class DatabaseSeed extends AbstractSeed { public function run() {
# Dec 13th, 15:10 slackebot CORE/Cake/Log/LogEngineCollection.php line 43 → LogEngineCollection::_getLogger(string) CORE/Cake/Log/CakeLog.php line 199 → LogEngineCollection->load(string, array) APP/Config/bootstrap.php line 102 → CakeLog::config(string, array) CORE/Cake/Core/Configure.php line 94 → include(string) CORE/Cake/bootstrap.php line 171 → Configure::bootstrap(boolean) APP/webroot/index.php line 90 → include(string)``` If I go back to
# Dec 13th, 15:10 sean.kelly Hi folks, I've been upgrading an ancient CakePHP 1.1 application; I just went from 2.3 to 2.4 and I'm stymied by a change to what I think is related to class discovery. CakePHP 2.4 says to use `Cache::config('default', array('engine' => 'File'));` instead of `FileLog` as the `Log` is supposed to be implicit. Except that gives me a stack trace during setup: ```Could not load class File Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred. Stack Trace
# Dec 13th, 15:10 slackebot `FileLog`, then I get another "Could not load class" but this time for the caching engine. I can patch that, but then there's _another_ one after that. Anyone recall what might've changed from 2.3→2.4 that makes classes suddenly not found?
# Dec 13th, 15:08 damiano hello friends, i need to implement a website with a control panel that must be "protected" from fraudolent logins (i mean login credentials sharing etc)... what system could i implement to increse the security of the panel? the customer sells montly subscsriptions so they must blocks account that share credentials. Is there something IP based to implement? or a more clever solution ?
# Dec 13th, 15:04 ricksaccous 2000 euros? how does that even work?
# Dec 13th, 15:03 ricksaccous 20.000.000 euros?
# Dec 13th, 15:03 ricksaccous i actually don't even know what that translates to
# Dec 13th, 15:02 ricksaccous "You may be fined for up to €20mm or 4% of your worldwide turnover (revenue), whichever is greater." What is 20mm?
# Dec 13th, 15:01 ricksaccous just reading these rules is making me nauseous
# Dec 13th, 15:01 ricksaccous ewwwwww
# Dec 13th, 14:59 alexmax @ricksaccous FYI I found this: https://www.gdpreu.org/faq/
# Dec 13th, 14:55 ricksaccous @scuadra https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.number-format.php go wild
# Dec 13th, 14:54 ricksaccous oh
# Dec 13th, 14:54 scuadra something like feedback
# Dec 13th, 14:54 scuadra it's user mark
# Dec 13th, 14:54 ricksaccous if they are i'd recommend $this->Number->currency();
# Dec 13th, 14:53 ricksaccous @scuadra are those prices?
# Dec 13th, 14:53 ricksaccous just reread and that's pretty normal
# Dec 13th, 14:53 ricksaccous oh wait
# Dec 13th, 14:53 ricksaccous @scuadra that's pretty weird, i don't think i've had that happen to me
# Dec 13th, 14:53 ricksaccous I suppose Facebook has to comply, but they are a big target, would it even be worth pursuing a little guy?
# Dec 13th, 14:52 ricksaccous does GDPR work across the pond? would they really try to file a lawsuit against an American company because one person from the EU signed up and we didn't delete every single record associated with them when they wanted us to?
# Dec 13th, 14:51 challgren I guess its the easiest way to comply :P
# Dec 13th, 14:51 ricksaccous lol
# Dec 13th, 14:50 challgren One company I consult for just restricted it so everyone outside the US is blocked from accessing it
# Dec 13th, 14:50 ricksaccous i actually had to watch a video on GDPR and i don't remember half the stuff since it was last year lol
# Dec 13th, 14:50 scuadra Hello. I don't know if this is really a CakePHP question but I'll ask. In version 3.7 I have a field `overall_mark` which is of type decimal(4,2). In the database I have values like 5.00, 7.00, 7.25, 8.71, etc. However when I echo that field in my template and it is 3.00, 5.00 or so the output is always integer (for example 3 instead of 3.00). When I try `printf('%.2f', $row['overall_mark'])` I get 3.004 in my template. Anyone aware what's
# Dec 13th, 14:50 slackebot the reason for this behavior? In Cake 2 I don't have this issue.