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# Sep 15th, 17:14 jeff.black @ra7bi Have you checked the plugin doc? https://github.com/cakephp/elastic-search
# Sep 15th, 16:54 ra7bi @ndm do the elastic-search plugin will automatically create index ? or i must do that ,
# Sep 15th, 15:48 valerij.bancer nice catch. Thank you
# Sep 15th, 15:42 ndm Not sure, I think they should be compatible, but who knows. However you don't seem to be using the PHPUnit installation that composer pulls in, but a different one from a phar package. Try `vendor/bin/phpunit` instead of just `phpunit`.
# Sep 15th, 15:34 valerij.bancer https://travis-ci.org/cakemanager/cakephp-utils/jobs/585228903 cakephp 3.8.4, phpunit 5.7.27 - are they not compatible?
# Sep 15th, 15:32 ndm Some kind of incompatible PHPUnit version / test suite compatibility workarounds...
# Sep 15th, 15:30 valerij.bancer Any idea of `PHP Warning: Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit\Framework\Test in /home/travis/build/cakemanager/cakephp-utils/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/tests/phpunit_aliases.php on line 9` error?
# Sep 15th, 15:29 valerij.bancer Hi, is there anybody here today?
# Sep 15th, 15:22 ra7bi Sure thanks
# Sep 15th, 15:22 ndm Check your Application class / bootstrap.
# Sep 15th, 15:21 ndm That error indicates that the `Elastic` factory locator hasn't been registered, which indicates that the plugin isn't being loaded (correctly).
# Sep 15th, 15:14 ra7bi ``` $this->loadmodel('Example', 'Elastic'); ``` will throw error ```Unknowen repository type Elastic make sure you register a type before trying to use it . ```
# Sep 15th, 15:13 ra7bi @ndm i meant , i've two datasource 1- Mysql which is default , 2- ElasticSearch i want whenever i insert data into mysql it should go also to elastic this is what i want to end up with , but the error seems related to elastic server configuration im just double checking
# Sep 15th, 15:10 ndm I don't know what exactly you mean by "_inserting at the same time_", but this is both isn't directly related to the error that you're receiving. AFAIU there doesn't _need_ to be anything more in those classes, ie that's the minimum configuration.
# Sep 15th, 15:03 ra7bi @ndm i need to understand for example what should be on this class ``` class ArticlesType extends Type ``` also ```class Article extends Document``` my endpoint is to insert into mysql and elasticSearch at same time
# Sep 15th, 14:58 ndm @ra7bi What kind of example are you looking for? I'm not familiar with the plugin, but being able to use the `Elastic` provider shouldn't require anything other than loading the plugin, which registers the `Elastic` factory at bootstrapping time.
# Sep 15th, 14:34 ra7bi i do , but they dont have example
# Sep 15th, 14:32 jeff.black Double check the doc. https://book.cakephp.org/elasticsearch/2.x/en/
# Sep 15th, 13:57 ra7bi dont know what should i do
# Sep 15th, 13:57 ra7bi im getting error ``` Unknowen repository type Elastic make sure you register a type before trying to use it . ```
# Sep 15th, 13:56 ra7bi hey , anyone using ElasticSearch plugin ?
# Sep 15th, 06:29 COOurb because when I call index of it's model I get error and Table 'project.people' doesn't exist
# Sep 15th, 06:28 COOurb hey, cakephp, is word "Organizations" is key-word?
# Sep 15th, 06:28 COOurb haha, very funny.
# Sep 14th, 21:01 brandon Figured it out. The path to migrations is 'config/migrations' on Windows but on *nix, it is 'config/Migrations' which doesn't exist
# Sep 14th, 20:45 brandon The database communication appears to be ok as it creates the phinxlog table.
# Sep 14th, 20:37 brandon Hi all. I am having issues with migration plugin. I created 2 migrations (create table and seed) which works perfectly on my PC but when I commit to repo and pull down and try to run the migrate command, it acts as if there are no files in config/migrations when both are there. The status command doesn't list any migrations. Any ideas?
# Sep 14th, 17:57 peppejaripappalardo with the new authentication component, how i can get user identity anywhere?
# Sep 14th, 16:39 admad not yet
# Sep 14th, 16:25 cnizzardini Can the cake shell be used independently of cake?
# Sep 14th, 15:19 jotpe Is this then correct? `<?= $this->Form->control('emailaddresses[0].email', ['label' => __('E-Mail'), 'required']) ?>`
# Sep 14th, 15:18 jotpe Btw. I save a User, which hasMany Emailaddresses. In my registration form I want to save just one Emailaddress.
# Sep 14th, 15:17 jotpe Not sure. It's a nested Model and I had to modify the FormHelper control fieldnames
# Sep 14th, 15:11 admad best way to handle this would be to sets default in db table itself. Then the forrmhelper inputs will auto fill the fields with those defaults
# Sep 14th, 15:10 jotpe Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 14th, 15:09 jotpe Okay
# Sep 14th, 15:09 admad yes
# Sep 14th, 15:09 jotpe So beforeMarshal then?
# Sep 14th, 15:09 admad validation is done on incoming data, not entity properties
# Sep 14th, 15:08 slackebot <jotpe>
# Sep 14th, 15:08 admad why would you set invalid defaults? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 14th, 15:08 jotpe Did this in the constructor: $this->status = self::STATUS_UNCONFIRMED;
# Sep 14th, 15:08 jotpe @admad thanks, but the it's not validated correct?
# Sep 14th, 14:50 admad or set in entity's constructor
# Sep 14th, 14:50 admad set default in database table itself
# Sep 14th, 14:06 jotpe Hi! Is there a way to set initial values for new entities? I don't want to set the value every time I create a Entity.
# Sep 14th, 13:21 peppejaripappalardo the problem happen only in the controller with the 2° layout, into the default it redirect as well
# Sep 14th, 13:06 peppejaripappalardo is not @jim
# Sep 14th, 12:00 jimbo2150 Make sure the redirect is not cached in your browser.
# Sep 14th, 10:31 peppejaripappalardo thx anyway challgren
# Sep 14th, 10:30 challgren Im honestly not sure I havent messed with the new authentication much
# Sep 14th, 10:30 peppejaripappalardo this is into the controller for login
# Sep 14th, 10:30 peppejaripappalardo i dont think, because i have added a before filter: public function beforeFilter(Event $event) { $this->Authentication->allowUnauthenticated(['login']);}
# Sep 14th, 10:29 challgren You might not be allowing your redirected page to be accessed by anyone
# Sep 14th, 10:28 peppejaripappalardo I got a solutions using unauthenticatedRedirect into the Applications.php, but i get an error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
# Sep 14th, 09:31 peppejaripappalardo i add that in the backend controller i've added a public method initialize that set the layout
# Sep 14th, 09:29 peppejaripappalardo hi guys, with the new authentication plugin, how i can set a redirect url ? And how i can tell to the plugin to check the authentication in another layout? because at this time in the default i get plugin auth, but in the backend layout it seems that do not exist
# Sep 14th, 08:28 alexdd55976 Isn’t it .gitkeep already?
# Sep 13th, 20:42 challgren Nice!
# Sep 13th, 20:00 alexis752 That did the trick! Thanks!
# Sep 13th, 19:21 jh for 4.x can we rename all empty to .keep?
# Sep 13th, 18:39 challgren `Turning this on shows the SSI Error message.`
# Sep 13th, 18:38 challgren Maybe turn off ProxyErrorOverride
# Sep 13th, 17:14 alexis752 This is my apache vhost config
# Sep 13th, 16:54 challgren Weird
# Sep 13th, 16:54 sdevore @challgren so as an fyi a quick fix for my __debugInfo() issue was to make ` '[hasErrors]' => $this->hasErrors(false),` in `EntityTrait::__debugInfo()` be non recursive (not a final solution) I’m allocating time this weekend to dig deeper.
# Sep 13th, 16:52 alexis752 the problem is the render of custom error
# Sep 13th, 16:52 alexis752 Yes, but my problem isn't about the error itself
# Sep 13th, 16:49 challgren `Error: [MongoDB\Driver\Exception\BulkWriteException] Can't extract geo keys: { _id: ObjectId('5cc8937534908a4b46542773'), id: "12632774", title: "ESTACION LOS ANDES", address: "CR 2 38 55", phone: "", location: { coordinates: [ -75881.5637, 876.26365 ], type: "Point" }, createdAt: 1568392500, updatedAt: 1568392500, countryId: 5, status: 1, publish: false, cityId: 4699, products: [ 136, 137 ], club: false, merchantType: { id: 151, name:
# Sep 13th, 16:49 slackebot "Todo para tu vehículo", icon: "ion-android-pin" }, highlight: false, gridLocation: { x: -2054770, y: 29431 } } lo`
# Sep 13th, 16:48 challgren Looks like your issue is related to geo keys
# Sep 13th, 16:41 alexis752 i edited the hostname
# Sep 13th, 16:40 alexis752 https://gist.github.com/ruano84/01adc53e5447a86dce7dac38d6859d3e
# Sep 13th, 16:36 louis Yeap
# Sep 13th, 16:35 alexis752 the cake logs?
# Sep 13th, 16:35 louis could you paste it in a gists ?
# Sep 13th, 16:34 alexis752 the error associated, but nothing related to the custom errors
# Sep 13th, 16:34 alexis752 In fact the cakephp's `logs/error.log` shows the error
# Sep 13th, 16:34 louis And in CakePHP logs ?
# Sep 13th, 16:33 slackebot <alexis752>
# Sep 13th, 16:33 alexis752 even for the json views
# Sep 13th, 16:33 alexis752 I have nothing in the apahce logs
# Sep 13th, 16:31 louis Yeap, especially that i’m using DomPDF (that’s an old projet) and this engine is a bit slow and heavy for the server ^^
# Sep 13th, 16:30 admad Check the webserver aka Apache logs
# Sep 13th, 16:30 alexis752 i'm using apache 2.4 + php-fpm 7
# Sep 13th, 16:30 slackebot <alexis752>
# Sep 13th, 16:30 alexis752 I'm having a bit of trouble with the apache config, the custom errors of Cakephp doesn't work for me
# Sep 13th, 16:29 alexis752 Hi guys
# Sep 13th, 16:26 challgren And your not depending on the request to generate everything and deal with potential timeouts
# Sep 13th, 16:25 challgren That way theres a bit of parallel processing going on
# Sep 13th, 16:25 challgren I use it to generate my pdfs/zips
# Sep 13th, 16:25 louis Wow that’s perfect
# Sep 13th, 16:24 challgren https://sandbox.dereuromark.de/sandbox/queue-examples/scheduling
# Sep 13th, 16:24 challgren Plus you can see whats been cleaned and what failed cleanup
# Sep 13th, 16:23 louis I’m going to try this way ! I agree, never thought about it :expressionless: Thank you @challgren
# Sep 13th, 16:22 challgren A little bit cleaner IMHO
# Sep 13th, 16:22 challgren Yeah same idea except the queue handles it
# Sep 13th, 16:21 louis Okay, in previous projects I was writing CakePHP shell planned with a cron task. this is why I’m looking for better solution :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 13th, 16:20 challgren That way if the user wants to redownload it again, Im not hammering the server with another pdf creation/zip process and can quickly serve them the “cached” package
# Sep 13th, 16:19 challgren Using https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-queue