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# Sep 20th, 07:59 javier.villanueva Sti is deprecated?
# Sep 20th, 07:59 admad @challgren what? i havent been paying attention in the channel
# Sep 20th, 07:52 javier.villanueva thanks @conehead too
# Sep 20th, 07:47 conehead Or just use an abstract object?
# Sep 20th, 07:47 challgren Its a bit old I wonder if its deprecated now @admad
# Sep 20th, 07:47 javier.villanueva @challgren thanks i read it
# Sep 20th, 07:47 challgren https://github.com/UseMuffin/Sti
# Sep 20th, 07:46 challgren @javier.villanueva STI
# Sep 20th, 07:45 javier.villanueva can someone advise me? I want to create similar entities (workorders) with little differences, for example workorders_development, workorders_marketing, workorders_financial, ... Any advice or documentation about this type of model design in cakephp?
# Sep 20th, 07:40 conehead Yeh might do that was well. Although I think it should be configurable somehow
# Sep 20th, 07:38 spriz I'm running our app on `localhost:8080` without issues :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 20th, 07:38 spriz but unless you are doing that in production as well, I'd move that to a virtual host or a custom port :)
# Sep 20th, 07:37 spriz I guess in that case your fullbaseUrl is `` ? :thinking_face:
# Sep 20th, 07:36 conehead Must be conflicting with other stuff. Maybe because I am using it in a subfolder ``
# Sep 20th, 07:31 conehead Too bad setting this value screws up everything else :)
# Sep 20th, 07:22 conehead Haha yes, exactly what I needed
# Sep 20th, 07:21 conehead Yes, that is what I thought. Just never stumbled upon this
# Sep 20th, 07:21 spriz https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/console-and-shells.html#routing-in-the-console-environment
# Sep 20th, 07:21 spriz it's mentioned in the book! :)
# Sep 20th, 07:21 spriz @conehead you should set the full base manually when doing commands :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 20th, 07:20 javier.villanueva (Router::url('/',true) not works for you?
# Sep 20th, 07:20 conehead Was wondering why fullBase was not working.... But I am calling it from a command. So probably it is not able to find the correct full base automatically :S
# Sep 20th, 07:18 javier.villanueva why?
# Sep 20th, 07:18 javier.villanueva sometimes
# Sep 20th, 07:15 conehead Anyone using `Router::url` to generate (full base) URLs?
# Sep 20th, 07:14 conehead Morning
# Sep 20th, 07:11 alexdd55976 morning
# Sep 20th, 06:29 adam282 Ah, I see my problem. Thank you
# Sep 20th, 06:28 adam282 Not using Apache so I will double check my configs. Thank you.
# Sep 20th, 06:28 admad check the docs / clean 3.x skeleton's htaccess and update accordingly
# Sep 20th, 06:28 admad so like i said issue is in your URL rewriting rules
# Sep 20th, 06:27 adam282 Ah, correct. That’s being added for some reason
# Sep 20th, 06:27 admad %2Fusers
# Sep 20th, 06:27 adam282 In my query string? Where do you see that?
# Sep 20th, 06:27 admad they are different in 3.x than 2.x
# Sep 20th, 06:27 admad check your URL rewriting rules
# Sep 20th, 06:27 admad first of all you shouldn't have /users in query string
# Sep 20th, 06:26 adam282 https://pb.elasty.co/?19d3d9a4ea8b3973#tLxPoYtB41kZKxelqU+W+nFaqAM8cfOpg+8tzAZ4k04=
# Sep 20th, 06:26 adam282 https://pb.elasty.co/?5aecd489ba490569#M1ab72aGs/uB1Cj/qiI7Eso1XbUdbdeZNHlRBB/JLv8=
# Sep 20th, 06:25 admad cause probably you messed something up, like setting Paginator->options()
# Sep 20th, 06:24 adam282 Can anyone explain why my URL’s keep adding the parameters when using pagination? ``` https://domain.com/users?%2Fusers%2Fusers%2Fusers%2Fuserspage=2andpage=2 ```
# Sep 20th, 04:43 javier.villanueva morning all
# Sep 20th, 03:00 itmpls it's a manual one though obviously
# Sep 20th, 02:59 itmpls is there anyway to control the order of joins? my ->join() which I put at the end of my query appears as the first join in the final SQL
# Sep 19th, 20:37 henri.mjr Oh sure.. i've copied from a belongsToMany and edited, thanks!
# Sep 19th, 20:33 ricksaccous that option is for when you have a belongsToMany
# Sep 19th, 20:33 ricksaccous @henri.mjr joinTable doesn't make sense in a hasMany association
# Sep 19th, 20:32 ricksaccous is Etnias an alias for the atributos table?
# Sep 19th, 20:32 ricksaccous i don't really understand what you're trying to do though to be honest
# Sep 19th, 20:31 henri.mjr oh
# Sep 19th, 20:29 ricksaccous you should specify the className
# Sep 19th, 20:28 henri.mjr I'm trying to make a generic "attributes", why cake is asking for a Table called "Etnias"? `$this->hasMany('Etnias', [ 'foreignKey' => 'acompanhante_id', 'joinTable' => 'atributos', 'conditions' => [ 'atributos.categoria' => 'Etnias' ]]);´
# Sep 19th, 20:28 slackebot <challgren>
# Sep 19th, 20:28 daniel.upshaw Good call
# Sep 19th, 20:28 daniel.upshaw Strange that CakeDC would not unlock by default!
# Sep 19th, 20:28 challgren Maybe open an issue in the repo
# Sep 19th, 20:28 daniel.upshaw Thanks a bunch for the input
# Sep 19th, 20:28 daniel.upshaw Well that works to disable it, but still going to try to get it working enabled
# Sep 19th, 20:27 challgren Normally after like midnight our times
# Sep 19th, 20:27 daniel.upshaw Ah thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 19th, 20:27 challgren Most of the cakeDC experts with the auth/users plugin are on much later
# Sep 19th, 20:26 daniel.upshaw I'll try that
# Sep 19th, 20:26 challgren Damm I cannot type today
# Sep 19th, 20:26 challgren Have you tried disable it
# Sep 19th, 20:25 daniel.upshaw Lol
# Sep 19th, 20:25 daniel.upshaw Fair, fair
# Sep 19th, 20:25 challgren Personally I avoid the security component, too much grief in my life for it
# Sep 19th, 20:24 daniel.upshaw Would have thought that would be handled
# Sep 19th, 20:24 daniel.upshaw Looks like nothing is unlocked
# Sep 19th, 20:23 daniel.upshaw There's a dump of ``` protected function _validToken(Controller $controller) { $check = $controller->getRequest()->getData(); dd($check);```
# Sep 19th, 20:23 daniel.upshaw ```array:4 [▼ "_csrfToken" => "7ab19826360385ee559f3b65c6386499fa547e5bea2cdadbb0c88c332afc638f692c36f2326a91c39edda711a37207dea41eeec29a7c83781ef69b5fb73d0b39" "username" => "testing" "password" => "testing" "_Token" => array:3 [▼ "fields" => "1c5dedeb5f156fc4cc4ea1ec764018a91f12f4af%3A" "unlocked" => "" "debug" =>
# Sep 19th, 20:23 slackebot "%5B%22%5C%2Flogin%3Fredirect%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Flocalhost%253A8765%252F%22%2C%5B%22username%22%2C%22password%22%5D%2C%5B%5D%5D" ] ]```
# Sep 19th, 20:23 challgren Wonder if the template is getting the security hash in it
# Sep 19th, 20:21 daniel.upshaw Lol
# Sep 19th, 20:21 daniel.upshaw Frustrating
# Sep 19th, 20:21 challgren Ahh yeah that will do it 99% of the time
# Sep 19th, 20:21 daniel.upshaw `hash_equals` is supposed to return `true`, but never does
# Sep 19th, 20:20 daniel.upshaw ``` protected function _validatePost(Controller $controller) { $token = $this->_validToken($controller); $hashParts = $this->_hashParts($controller); $check = hash_hmac('sha1', implode('', $hashParts), Security::getSalt()); if (hash_equals($check, $token)) { return true; } $msg = self::DEFAULT_EXCEPTION_MESSAGE; if (Configure::read('debug')) { $msg
# Sep 19th, 20:20 slackebot = $this->_debugPostTokenNotMatching($controller, $hashParts); } throw new AuthSecurityException($msg); }```
# Sep 19th, 20:20 daniel.upshaw It happens in `SecurityComponent.php`
# Sep 19th, 20:20 daniel.upshaw :,)
# Sep 19th, 20:20 challgren Bah I guess I need to go to the bar already! :P
# Sep 19th, 20:19 challgren Look through the stack on the bar request
# Sep 19th, 20:19 daniel.upshaw Hmmm
# Sep 19th, 20:19 daniel.upshaw It's a fresh install of 3.8
# Sep 19th, 20:19 challgren https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/develop/src/Controller/Component/LoginComponent.php#L44
# Sep 19th, 20:18 daniel.upshaw Ah same, I'm still learning it
# Sep 19th, 20:18 challgren Ahh ok, yeah Im not good with the middleware version
# Sep 19th, 20:18 daniel.upshaw https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/develop/src/Controller/UsersController.php https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/develop/src/Controller/Traits/LoginTrait.php
# Sep 19th, 20:18 daniel.upshaw Trying the new stuff
# Sep 19th, 20:18 daniel.upshaw Yep!
# Sep 19th, 20:17 challgren Ohh you using the middleware version of component version?
# Sep 19th, 20:17 daniel.upshaw Nice bot, it's the CakeDC default UserController, I'll find it
# Sep 19th, 20:17 slackebot Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Sep 19th, 20:17 slackebot !gist
# Sep 19th, 20:17 challgren Can you gist your controller method?
# Sep 19th, 20:16 daniel.upshaw Ah okay, yes it contains the `username` and `password` fields
# Sep 19th, 20:16 challgren Sorry I cant watch the video right now
# Sep 19th, 20:16 challgren Is your post containing fields?
# Sep 19th, 20:15 daniel.upshaw But every time I post the login, it throws that error