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# Feb 19th, 14:10 spriz it can also whack ya up! :v:
# Feb 19th, 14:10 spriz Although same issue appears when default finder is excluding "soft deleted" ones :shrug:
# Feb 19th, 14:10 neon1024 At least then my DB can save me from myself in some instances
# Feb 19th, 14:10 neon1024 ..but then I think why not both?
# Feb 19th, 14:10 neon1024 I feel a bit bad putting what I’d think was more business logic into the database
# Feb 19th, 14:09 spriz but also generally I do not delete rows at all :) :)
# Feb 19th, 14:09 spriz it's all app-logic
# Feb 19th, 14:09 spriz Yeah, true PITA @dereuromark Related to discussion last week - I'm not putting FKs in DB at all currently :shrug:
# Feb 19th, 14:08 khalid not sure if its the correct solution but best i could come around is: ```public static function setUpBeforeClass() { Configure::write('Acl.database', 'test');```
# Feb 19th, 14:08 dereuromark i found it because I was listing all non assigned entities, and after removing one relation it still didnt show (field IS NULL)^^
# Feb 19th, 14:07 dereuromark yeah, I had to always fix this after some relations are already broken^^ because I forgot to add it into the migration in the first place.
# Feb 19th, 14:05 spriz Ah, in the migration! Mindblown!
# Feb 19th, 14:04 spriz How do you do that again @dereuromark? :O
# Feb 19th, 14:03 khalid and problem is only with Controllers Tests, Model tests works fine
# Feb 19th, 13:58 neon1024 How are the repository splits achieved on Github for the cakephp packages?
# Feb 19th, 13:58 dereuromark darn, I always forget the ```->addForeignKey('other_id', 'others', ['id'], ['delete' => 'SET_NULL'])``` part for optional hasMany => belongsTo relations where the belongsTo part could be removed and thus the data integrity is not there anymore (pointing to nonexistent keys).
# Feb 19th, 13:56 khalid any help will be much appreciated :)
# Feb 19th, 13:55 khalid Hi Everyone, We are using Cakephp3 and Acl plugin from Cake, but problem is when we are running UnitTests its giving The datasource configuration "" was not found. but if we go to config/app.php and add 'Acl' => ['database' => 'test'] test works but then our main Application start failing because ACL is using Database Test now for Application too not only for tests further more i have seen Cakephp/Acl/config/bootstrap.php if
# Feb 19th, 13:55 slackebot (!Configure::read('Acl.database')) { Configure::write('Acl.database', 'default');} so question is how can we use both Test and Application with ACL.
# Feb 19th, 13:53 kiwi_10 so question is how can we use both Test and Application with ACL.
# Feb 19th, 13:52 kiwi_10 further more i have seen Cakephp/Acl/config/bootstrap.php if (!Configure::read('Acl.database')) { Configure::write('Acl.database', 'default');}
# Feb 19th, 13:52 kiwi_10 but then our main Application start failing because ACL is using Database Test now for Application too not only for tests
# Feb 19th, 13:51 kiwi_10 but if we go to config/app.php and add 'Acl' => ['database' => 'test'] test works
# Feb 19th, 13:51 kiwi_10 Hi Everyone, We are using Cakephp3 and Acl plugin from Cake, but problem is when we are running UnitTests its giving The datasource configuration "" was not found.
# Feb 19th, 12:27 jotpe Hi, people!
# Feb 19th, 12:27 admad @val https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/pull/124
# Feb 19th, 12:09 tomrwaller Haha at this point @ndm probably knows more about my project than I do!
# Feb 19th, 12:08 neon1024 Ah, there you are. A clever person appears!
# Feb 19th, 12:08 tomrwaller Ah - great @ndm - I'll give that a whirl.
# Feb 19th, 12:08 tomrwaller Thanks @neon1024 - I've followed that which is what I'm using.
# Feb 19th, 12:08 ndm Multi selects use the `selectMultiple` template
# Feb 19th, 12:07 neon1024 You may end up needing a custom form widget, but I haven’t used those before, so not too certain
# Feb 19th, 12:06 neon1024 I’d check the book https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/views/helpers/form.html#customizing-the-templates-formhelper-uses
# Feb 19th, 12:06 neon1024 Could be
# Feb 19th, 12:06 tomrwaller I have inputContainer - is that not the same thing?
# Feb 19th, 12:04 neon1024 Probably looking for the inputWrapper template?
# Feb 19th, 11:53 tomrwaller But in my HTML output the select isn't picking up the class.
# Feb 19th, 11:53 tomrwaller And in my form-templates.php I'm returning this: 'select' => '<div class="form-group"><select class="form-control" {{attrs}} name={{name}}>{{content}}<select></div>',
# Feb 19th, 11:53 tomrwaller I'm presenting the select on add.php like this: echo $this->Form->select('recommendationgroup_id', $recommendationgroups, ['multiple' => true]);
# Feb 19th, 11:52 tomrwaller Hey all - I have a form template that I'm using to apply wrapping divs/classess to form controls but it looks like it's not picking up the wrap for a select element - does anyone know why that might be?
# Feb 19th, 11:51 neon1024 Rather than what I’m doing, which is `->format('Y-m-d')` and comparing as strings
# Feb 19th, 11:51 neon1024 Can you compare two FrozenDate objects directly?
# Feb 19th, 10:57 neon1024 Yeah, I have lots of Chart javascript clutting up my template which is what got me thinking about it :) Thanks for the confirmation, I will refactor one of my dashboard graphs I need in two places
# Feb 19th, 10:56 admad @neon1024 view cells would be a good use case for that, just you will have to use inline js as cells are self contained
# Feb 19th, 10:53 admad @val possibly
# Feb 19th, 10:52 neon1024 Anyway, just a thought :)
# Feb 19th, 10:51 neon1024 ..but then you end up with lots of controller code, and the graphs are less contained and portalable, as you’d have to migrate the controller code to source the data if you re-used the graph
# Feb 19th, 10:36 kaliel @neon1024 i would rather go for elements and passed data, like angular parent->child input binding
# Feb 19th, 10:30 neon1024 When creating a dashboard with graphs, would it be logical to make each graph a View Cell? So that a dashboard is comprised to View Cells to contain a graphs data and js (I’m using chart.js) in self contained template? ..and make the graphs re-usable
# Feb 19th, 09:38 val @admad https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/commit/fb894a0e163a37c91347b5603002ef9ec615062a#diff-b5d0ee8c97c7abd7e3fa29b9a27d1780L12 was it a error that "cakephp/core" was changed to "cakephp/cakephp"?
# Feb 19th, 09:34 javier.villanueva @conehead thanks! now works with update()
# Feb 19th, 09:23 conehead Hm just wondering...is there a general "most common" file encoding to use when coding? Should files be UTF-8 with LF? I mean for pretty much every language?
# Feb 19th, 09:13 dereuromark again, depends on the packages (namespaces) used inside the plugin. check this and check if you can resolve it to split packages as well
# Feb 19th, 09:12 val https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/blob/1.x/composer.json has dependency to "cakephp/core" but https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/blob/master/composer.json has dependency to "cakephp/cakephp". Why is that?
# Feb 19th, 09:05 conehead @javier.villanueva you called save or update afterwards?
# Feb 19th, 09:04 val I got the impression that the idea of authentication and authorization plugins was to decouple it from controllers layer
# Feb 19th, 09:00 dereuromark find out the packages needed, maybe it is.
# Feb 19th, 09:00 val Hi, shouldn't it be possible to install https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/tree/master without dependency to "cakephp/cakephp" but to "cakephp/core" like?
# Feb 19th, 08:35 javier.villanueva last version 0.11.1 ?
# Feb 19th, 08:25 kaliel @javier.villanueva which version of phinx ?
# Feb 19th, 08:24 javier.villanueva Im using migrations... and drop table not works... somebody with the same problem?
# Feb 19th, 08:24 javier.villanueva morning all
# Feb 19th, 08:15 peppejaripappalardo Hello guys, no one know something about this?
# Feb 19th, 07:33 admad well FrozenTime fields actually which extends Chronos
# Feb 19th, 07:32 admad > can I force the Entity to use Chronos for all datetime That's already by the ORM for actual db fields
# Feb 19th, 07:20 turkles Hi all, I'm trying to create a virtual field which relies on if a datetime is in the past, can I force the Entity to use Chronos for all datetime? Or do I have to create a Chronos instance? Or should I just be using somethign to compare the FrozenTime it already uses (this is cake 3.8)
# Feb 18th, 23:59 rightscoreanalysis I solved it - thanks :)
# Feb 18th, 23:52 rightscoreanalysis namespace App\Controller\Admin;
# Feb 18th, 23:51 challgren And if your namespace on the PurchaseController correct
# Feb 18th, 23:51 rightscoreanalysis I have admin routes set up
# Feb 18th, 23:51 challgren Is your controller in /src/Controller/Admin/PurchasesController
# Feb 18th, 23:51 rightscoreanalysis but buyer in this case is a param not action
# Feb 18th, 23:51 rightscoreanalysis I am getting an error: Action PurchasesController::buyer() could not be found
# Feb 18th, 23:50 rightscoreanalysis admin/purchases/buyer
# Feb 18th, 23:50 rightscoreanalysis on another note I have this url:
# Feb 18th, 23:48 challgren you could try curl verbose to see if its redirecting correctly
# Feb 18th, 23:47 rightscoreanalysis I am not auth'd so should be redirected to login
# Feb 18th, 23:47 rightscoreanalysis sorry - login
# Feb 18th, 23:47 rightscoreanalysis logout
# Feb 18th, 23:46 challgren login or out?
# Feb 18th, 23:45 rightscoreanalysis I tried an incognito browser sesssion and still not redirected to the correct logout url
# Feb 18th, 23:36 challgren @dereuromark cant sleep?
# Feb 18th, 23:29 rightscoreanalysis ok will try - btw I had plugin in my array alreafy, I switched that out for prefix - didn't think to try them both!
# Feb 18th, 23:28 challgren your redirect maybe cached in your browser
# Feb 18th, 23:28 rightscoreanalysis hi @dereuromark btw
# Feb 18th, 23:28 rightscoreanalysis but still redirected to admin/
# Feb 18th, 23:27 slackebot <rightscoreanalysis>
# Feb 18th, 23:27 rightscoreanalysis so my array is now
# Feb 18th, 23:21 dereuromark @rightscoreanalysis https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-tools/blob/master/src/View/Helper/UrlHelper.php#L86 is the reason I use such helper methods a lot inside layouts as well. in your case you need it for the Auth config array URLs.
# Feb 18th, 23:20 MrEm Well, I think my perspective is less about finding a trick, but more about thinking of collections as a whole - rather than a sum of parts, i fthat makes sense
# Feb 18th, 23:20 dereuromark alan-a: always set up your login routes with proper defaults.
# Feb 18th, 23:20 rightscoreanalysis admin/user/login is not found
# Feb 18th, 23:19 rightscoreanalysis when I try to access a route which I do not have access to: /admin/users/index my app attempts to redirect to login, but it goes to admin/users/login - not users/login
# Feb 18th, 23:19 dereuromark Any Hash or collection trick would do the same, but it might not be worth trying to find those until they work as expected.
# Feb 18th, 23:18 dereuromark or other helper methods somewhere. dont be afraid of some loops, as long as they are wrapped inside a method cleanly.
# Feb 18th, 23:17 MrEm Yeah, I think that would make sense
# Feb 18th, 23:14 dereuromark loaded = contained
# Feb 18th, 23:14 dereuromark I throw an exception if the events havent been loaded (developer error, if null)
# Feb 18th, 23:13 MrEm Hm, that's a possibility
# Feb 18th, 23:11 dereuromark ->events() etc here