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# Sep 11th, 10:50 spriz Yeah, take some time off rather :raised_hands:
# Sep 11th, 10:49 dereuromark time.. this thing called time..
# Sep 11th, 10:49 spriz ;P
# Sep 11th, 10:49 spriz way to ruin a dream there
# Sep 11th, 10:49 spriz Aww
# Sep 11th, 10:49 spriz Sweet! I'll sit back and wait for that ^^
# Sep 11th, 10:49 dereuromark not any time soon^^
# Sep 11th, 10:49 neon1024 @dereuromark Is doing that ;)
# Sep 11th, 10:46 spriz one should build a new tool that configure, run and compile results from ALL OF THE THINGS
# Sep 11th, 10:46 spriz phpmd, phpcpd, phpcs, phpstan, psalm - oh the choices!
# Sep 11th, 10:45 spriz These reports are actually quite nice: http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-checkstyle-plugin/project-reports.html Most of those can be built with PHP tools as well including at least pmd, checkstyle, cpd, javadoc, and sonar
# Sep 11th, 10:44 neon1024 One of those where they say it’s a bug because they expect it work differently to how they originally asked for it work
# Sep 11th, 10:44 spriz Aww! Good luck though!
# Sep 11th, 10:44 neon1024 Been given other things to work on now
# Sep 11th, 10:44 spriz like http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-checkstyle-plugin/checkstyle.html
# Sep 11th, 10:43 spriz Our previous Jenkins had nice HTML views for checkstyle.xml format @neon1024 - so something is out there! :)
# Sep 11th, 10:15 neon1024 @admad Yes, and thanks for the PR to add the `compact` output format!
# Sep 11th, 09:55 alexdd55976 man.. there are horrible communities around framework .... thanks guys for being the great guys
# Sep 11th, 09:28 admad Have you actually checked the output formats it supports?
# Sep 11th, 09:20 admad checkstyle is a standard format, so might be even able to find an existing xslt for it
# Sep 11th, 09:16 neon1024 Ah didn’t know you could style up XML, interesting
# Sep 11th, 09:14 admad XSL(T)
# Sep 11th, 09:13 slackebot Command sent from Slack by neon1024:
# Sep 11th, 09:13 slackebot !google XSL
# Sep 11th, 09:12 neon1024 What’s XSL?
# Sep 11th, 09:12 admad @neon1024 psalm can generate checkstyle xml. So slap on a XSL to it :)
# Sep 11th, 09:10 dereuromark dont have much docker experience yet :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 11th, 09:07 neon1024 Although, for me at least, Docker does add some initial friction to getting results quickly
# Sep 11th, 09:06 neon1024 phpmetrics I quite like actually, as it can show some nice insights
# Sep 11th, 09:06 neon1024 Not sure how you feel about Docker, but it might make a collection of tools / pipeline more mobile in a container
# Sep 11th, 09:05 neon1024 @dereuromark Did you see this? https://github.com/adamculp/php-code-quality
# Sep 11th, 09:05 dereuromark we are using that mainly company internal for pre-release review, but I want to also leverage some tooling for my plugins mainly. especially with the 4.x upgrade of 20+ apps.
# Sep 11th, 09:04 dereuromark I am working on some automation tooling in general, including phpstan, cs, and other things to be wrapped for plugin or app analysis.
# Sep 11th, 09:02 neon1024 Or if I get really bored today, I might look at a PR to add HTML output
# Sep 11th, 09:02 neon1024 Nevermind, I’ll just put up with the `compact` output on the CLI and do it a file at a time
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 ;)
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 Do you have a plugin for this?
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 What frontend?
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 queue?
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 exec json?
# Sep 11th, 09:01 neon1024 wat
# Sep 11th, 08:59 dereuromark you can then also nicely group and stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 11th, 08:59 dereuromark what I meant is wrap the json output as exec() queue task and give it to frontend via GUI frontend
# Sep 11th, 08:58 neon1024 Presumably it’s “Pull requests welcome”
# Sep 11th, 08:58 neon1024 I’m looking for something like html code coverage
# Sep 11th, 08:58 neon1024 Json doesn’t qualify, in my opinion, as visually appealing
# Sep 11th, 08:57 neon1024 > parse one it’s outputs into something more visually appealing
# Sep 11th, 08:56 neon1024 Yes, which gui is that?
# Sep 11th, 08:55 dereuromark @neon1024 You can create one :slightly_smiling_face: --format=json and into a GUI for display
# Sep 11th, 08:55 johnwayne thx @neon1024
# Sep 11th, 08:46 neon1024 …or know a tool which could parse one it’s outputs into something more visually appealing
# Sep 11th, 08:45 neon1024 Anyone know if Psalm can generate a nice HTML?
# Sep 11th, 08:44 neon1024 When I set the cookie lifetime using the ini setting here, it reduced the timeout to mere minutes. Removing it has fixed my session timeout
# Sep 11th, 08:44 slackebot <neon1024>
# Sep 11th, 08:44 neon1024 @johnwayne I just added a timeout config for my session
# Sep 11th, 08:38 dereuromark session and especially cookie life time increase
# Sep 11th, 08:36 johnwayne Morning, is there any way to increase time for automatic logout during inactivity time? Now, if the user is `15+` min is inactive, he is automatically logged out and getting info `You are not authorized to access that location`
# Sep 11th, 08:18 neon1024 @val `save()` returns the entity, so you’d get the id from the entity `$entity->get('id')`
# Sep 11th, 08:15 neon1024 Morning all :wave:
# Sep 11th, 07:42 javier.villanueva if($this->ModalName->save($newEntity) { $id = $newEntity->id; }
# Sep 11th, 07:13 valerij.bancer Hi, what is the alternative to `getLastInsertID()` model method in 3.x?
# Sep 11th, 06:43 alexdd55976 morning all
# Sep 11th, 05:17 admad @rchavik thanks for the heads up
# Sep 11th, 05:03 javier.villanueva morning all
# Sep 11th, 02:17 admad You can read the manual :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 11th, 00:57 arai.mio.i Hi. I think `saveMany` method will issue insert query _n_ times. When I want to issue `bulk insert` SQL, what I can do is to use query builder?
# Sep 10th, 20:25 hollistergraham123 Thanks so much man
# Sep 10th, 20:25 hollistergraham123 I didn’t know about the preserving key
# Sep 10th, 20:24 hollistergraham123 That makes sense
# Sep 10th, 20:21 ndm @hollistergraham123 Because you have duplicate keys, use `toList()` or `toArray(false)` instead. See also the note at the bottom of https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/collections.html#expanding-collections
# Sep 10th, 20:17 chrisshick I am pretty sure ANS.1 XD
# Sep 10th, 20:13 chrisshick i know it returns binary
# Sep 10th, 20:12 chrisshick This isn't much of a cakephp question, but i thought i would ask here: does anyone know what format the openssl_sign function returns? like ANS.1, P1363 etc
# Sep 10th, 20:02 hollistergraham123 Why does that result in [1,6] as the output
# Sep 10th, 20:02 hollistergraham123 public function test() { $test = new Collection([1]); $new = $test->prepend([5,6]); $this->set([ ‘data’ => $new->toArray(), ‘_serialize’ => [‘data’] ]); }
# Sep 10th, 19:31 biffco and why composer is in local?
# Sep 10th, 19:30 biffco i used composer but i didnt set anything
# Sep 10th, 19:30 biffco hi, how the hell uninstall and reinstall cakephp to a correct path?
# Sep 10th, 18:27 ricksaccous subquery magic worked
# Sep 10th, 17:42 ricksaccous https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30241975/how-to-limit-contained-associations-per-record-group
# Sep 10th, 17:20 ricksaccous but not sure if there is a better way
# Sep 10th, 17:20 ricksaccous I'm planning on just putting a fk in the main model that belongsTo the hasMany and using app logic to update it
# Sep 10th, 17:20 ricksaccous anyone have any experience turning a hasMany into a hasOne based on least recent entry fulfilling certain conditions?
# Sep 10th, 17:19 ricksaccous why is the limit ignored in the query?
# Sep 10th, 17:18 ricksaccous on leftJoinWith
# Sep 10th, 16:01 dereuromark :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 10th, 16:01 dereuromark Doing the anti composer way sure is not proper.
# Sep 10th, 15:59 neon1024 I guess that’s developers for you!
# Sep 10th, 15:59 neon1024 I bet most people think most other people are ‘doing it wrong’
# Sep 10th, 15:58 neon1024 “Proper” is there such a thing
# Sep 10th, 15:32 challgren Sweet PDU failure!
# Sep 10th, 15:25 dereuromark No, proper setup of PHP apps :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 10th, 15:24 neon1024 > we have been doing this for a while now
# Sep 10th, 15:24 neon1024 @dereuromark So you’re an expert as multi-core setups?
# Sep 10th, 15:14 dereuromark You are only creating issues, not solving a single real one :slightly_smiling_face: Trust us, we have been doing this for a while now.
# Sep 10th, 15:14 dereuromark Yeah, avoid side effects. Really dont dont dont go down this road.
# Sep 10th, 15:00 challgren Unless you are using a floppy disk or zip disk it wont really save you anything
# Sep 10th, 14:59 challgren Your only saving 128mbs of space. Which in this day is nothing. Plus composer will cache everything locally so you wont even have duplicate network calls going out
# Sep 10th, 14:57 admad Spend your time and effort on things that actually matter, not pointless optimisations
# Sep 10th, 14:57 rsteenge :,)