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# Jun 18th, 09:17 conehead @challgren do you save associated data as well? might switch to the audit logging you mentioned
# Jun 18th, 09:15 conehead Well that plugin only stores the changed fields and does not store the whole entity
# Jun 18th, 09:12 neon1024 I need to do both actually, but I’m going to tackle the logging first as it’s a bit simpler
# Jun 18th, 09:11 challgren My use requires rollbacks so thats why I went version than audit log
# Jun 18th, 09:10 challgren Ahh ok
# Jun 18th, 09:10 neon1024 @challgren They would have an overlap in a venn diagram, but logging keeps a log of what has happened, and versioning would store the whole thing
# Jun 18th, 09:08 Martin` But what is a good way to handle the long float? rounding in entity to 2 decimals?
# Jun 18th, 09:06 challgren Isn’t audit logging pretty much the same as versioning?
# Jun 18th, 09:01 neon1024 I don’t need versioning though :thinking_face:
# Jun 18th, 08:57 challgren @neon1024 Ive been messing with https://github.com/josegonzalez/cakephp-version
# Jun 18th, 08:57 conehead @neon1024 Currently doing the same. https://github.com/lorenzo/audit-stash Looks quite promising, but somehow associated data does not work for me
# Jun 18th, 08:57 martin client side I mean local :P
# Jun 18th, 08:56 martin yes I’m also thinking that, testing it client side. But I’m not calculating any things with it. why do I still have problems with printing it?
# Jun 18th, 08:56 martin I’m switching between irc and slack. :P
# Jun 18th, 08:56 neon1024 Hey everyone! I have a ticket to add audit logging, any tooling or good solutions already out there that I should look at?
# Jun 18th, 08:55 challgren @conehead is headed down the correct rabbit hole
# Jun 18th, 08:54 Martin` 64bit
# Jun 18th, 08:54 conehead https://www.leaseweb.com/labs/2013/06/the-php-floating-point-precision-is-wrong-by-default/
# Jun 18th, 08:53 challgren Are you running on 64bit or 32bit?
# Jun 18th, 08:53 martin I think it has to do with a float indeed, I was hoping that chancing to a float 8,2 would fix that but that does not help
# Jun 18th, 08:53 challgren Does it happen with FLOATs?
# Jun 18th, 08:51 martin I’m just using the default json render thing that is used by crud, do noting specials :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren “17763568394002504646778106689453125”
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren the weird data comes back in this web page
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren https://www.exploringbinary.com/using-integers-to-check-a-floating-point-approximation/
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` 1994
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` ehh
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` hmmm my cpu is newer than 2014 :P
# Jun 18th, 08:48 bgrinter @martin running on one of these? :P https://www.techradar.com/au/news/computing-components/processors/pentium-fdiv-the-processor-bug-that-shook-the-world-1270773
# Jun 18th, 08:47 conehead https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php Is it only with DOUBLE? Or is it with FLOAT as well?
# Jun 18th, 08:47 challgren Are you using any _jsonOptions?
# Jun 18th, 08:46 conehead Sounds like a PHP problem to me
# Jun 18th, 08:33 martin When I have a DOUBLE in database, I save 3.95 to it, and get it from database, render it to json I get 3.95000000000000017763568394002504646778106689453125, any way to fix this simple? I was hoping cake rounds it by default :P mysql returns just 3.95
# Jun 18th, 07:54 conehead Morning!
# Jun 18th, 07:52 neon1024 Morning all :wave:
# Jun 17th, 22:31 ricksaccous use code snippet in slack or gist though
# Jun 17th, 22:30 ricksaccous can you paste your getAuthenticationService
# Jun 17th, 22:30 stephenzgalbraith I have all of these:
# Jun 17th, 22:30 stephenzgalbraith use Cake\Core\Configure; use Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException; use Cake\Error\Middleware\ErrorHandlerMiddleware; use Cake\Http\BaseApplication; use Cake\Http\MiddlewareQueue; use Cake\Routing\Middleware\AssetMiddleware; use Cake\Routing\Middleware\RoutingMiddleware; use Cake\Routing\Router; use Cake\Http\ServerRequest; use Authentication\AuthenticationService; use Authentication\AuthenticationServiceProviderInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:30 slackebot1 use Authentication\Middleware\AuthenticationMiddleware; use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface; use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:30 ricksaccous you have this use statement? use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:28 ricksaccous seems like one of those errors
# Jun 17th, 22:28 ricksaccous i think...
# Jun 17th, 22:27 ricksaccous lol
# Jun 17th, 22:27 ricksaccous you forgot a use statement dude
# Jun 17th, 22:27 stephenzgalbraith https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56635969/cakephp-4-x-authentication-2-x-fatal-error-when-initiating
# Jun 17th, 22:26 stephenzgalbraith nope, fresh install of both the app skeleton and authentication plugin
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous you aren't still trying to use the auth component are you?
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous where are you having trouble?
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous oh i have that working with the new plugin
# Jun 17th, 22:18 stephenzgalbraith Ah alright.. I can't seem to get authentication up on a fresh 4.x-dev install
# Jun 17th, 22:18 ricksaccous I'm on 3.7 but making sure there are no deprecation errors
# Jun 17th, 22:17 ricksaccous @stephenzgalbraith no
# Jun 17th, 22:16 rightscoreanalysis oops sorry
# Jun 17th, 22:16 stephenzgalbraith @ricksaccous have you already upgraded to 4?
# Jun 17th, 22:15 ricksaccous i want this thing cake 4 ready
# Jun 17th, 22:15 ricksaccous so that doesnt' apply
# Jun 17th, 22:14 ricksaccous I'm using the new plugins
# Jun 17th, 22:14 rightscoreanalysis highly recommend
# Jun 17th, 22:14 rightscoreanalysis @ricksaccous have you looked at the TinyAuth plugin by dereuromark?
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous doh
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous it says in the docs that i need to load it after authentication
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous wait
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous i suppose i don't need that interface after all
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous interesting
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous authorization should be loaded before authentication...
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous so
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous interestinggggg
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous this is the error i'm getting Error: Identity found in request does not implement Authentication\IdentityInterface
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous oh heh
# Jun 17th, 21:58 ricksaccous the identity object does not look correct
# Jun 17th, 21:57 slackebot1 <ricksaccous>
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis that makes no sense
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis if I debug $query->count() the result is 0
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis I have a query - if I debug the sql and pasteinto mysql I get two results
# Jun 17th, 21:56 rightscoreanalysis I have some unexaplained behaviour:
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous and my entity has it but the user obect here: $authorization = new AuthorizationMiddleware( $this, [ 'identityDecorator' => function ($auth, $user) { debug($user); return $user['data']->setAuthorization($auth); } ] );
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous it's telling me the setAuthorization method doesn't exist
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous I'm getting stuck around here: https://book.cakephp.org/authorization/1.1/en/middleware.html#identity-decorator
# Jun 17th, 20:51 ricksaccous woo woo
# Jun 17th, 20:51 ricksaccous i'm about to delve into authorization
# Jun 17th, 18:05 daniel.upshaw Anyone have information on why the "`autoload`" option was removed from `$app->addPlugin()`? https://stackoverflow.com/a/56386760
# Jun 17th, 17:29 neothermic @dereuromark might implement that shim for testing
# Jun 17th, 16:15 phpraven maybe you're right, I will think about it
# Jun 17th, 16:12 admad having the Profiles table in its own plugin is wacky nonetheless :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 17th, 16:11 phpraven I used cake bake all and the className was wrong User.Profiles should be Profile.Profiles just like you said @admad now it works :slightly_smiling_face: thanks guys
# Jun 17th, 16:09 ricksaccous oh he put the class on it, it's probably already just plopping out as a text field, i wonder if his db typing is correct, but yeah
# Jun 17th, 16:08 ricksaccous maybe he over-rode the date type with his own widget XD
# Jun 17th, 16:04 admad since you don't have have it seems formhelper isnt aware of your profile table schema and thus your table class isnt being used
# Jun 17th, 16:03 admad since you are using a JS datetime picker you would generally need `'type' => 'text'` in options to get Form->control() to generate a text field, cause by default cake would give you 3 dropdowns for datefields
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous or just validate default
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous not sure if you want a custom validation method
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous in patchEntity and Form Helper
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous @phpraven it's also about settng it up correctly
# Jun 17th, 16:00 phpraven ok I will check, thanks
# Jun 17th, 15:59 admad check debukit and ensure you table class are being used and not `Table` for the 2 models
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad i see className is set like that
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad err sorry
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad then you need to use `User.Users` and `Profile.Profiles` when setting up associations
# Jun 17th, 15:57 phpraven @admad I have two plugins User and Profile