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# Jun 12th, 14:16 ricksaccous so i could add the same identifier twice but with different resolvers configured
# Jun 12th, 14:16 ricksaccous hahahaha
# Jun 12th, 14:16 ricksaccous i should have talked to you earlier
# Jun 12th, 14:16 ricksaccous welp
# Jun 12th, 14:15 jeremyharris yup they do
# Jun 12th, 14:15 ricksaccous lmao
# Jun 12th, 14:15 ricksaccous because i wouldn't mind not writing this resolver
# Jun 12th, 14:14 ricksaccous until one returns favorably?
# Jun 12th, 14:14 ricksaccous oh is that a thing? does it just go through each?
# Jun 12th, 14:14 jeremyharris or maybe you could add multiple identifiers using different resolvers
# Jun 12th, 14:13 jeremyharris yeah
# Jun 12th, 14:13 ricksaccous but across multiple tables i think i need my own resolver
# Jun 12th, 14:13 jeremyharris ah
# Jun 12th, 14:13 ricksaccous before i used this plugin
# Jun 12th, 14:13 ricksaccous no i meant before when i wrote my own Auth
# Jun 12th, 14:12 jeremyharris you can do that with the ‘finder’ option in the OrmResolver ;)
# Jun 12th, 14:11 ricksaccous hehe
# Jun 12th, 14:11 ricksaccous besides username/password
# Jun 12th, 14:11 ricksaccous I have written my own auth though because i wanted to add a field to the check
# Jun 12th, 14:11 ricksaccous haha yeah i've been using that
# Jun 12th, 14:10 neon1024 Oh the middleware? Then I’m out. I’ve only used it once a long time ago in alpha
# Jun 12th, 14:10 ricksaccous I'm using the new authentication plugin thing
# Jun 12th, 14:10 neon1024 I wrote an ApiAuth adapter for my api :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 12th, 14:10 ricksaccous but the way the normal authenticator grabs the table info is via a resolver, which works fine right now
# Jun 12th, 14:09 ricksaccous which will identify against an api/tables
# Jun 12th, 14:09 ricksaccous yeah i'm writing a custom identifier
# Jun 12th, 14:08 ricksaccous ohhh
# Jun 12th, 14:08 neon1024 No idea, sorry. I’ve only ever used Auth adapters, I have no idea what a Resolver is. An auth adapter will be a custom way for the AuthComponent to find and identify users
# Jun 12th, 14:07 ricksaccous @neon1024 what's an adapter? isn't a resolver the more re-usable solution?
# Jun 12th, 13:45 ondrej.nedvidek ok it seems I need always to ask and then I find out :) ``` select([ 'id', 'column1', 'column2' => 'null' ]); ```
# Jun 12th, 13:44 neon1024 Which loaded the correct Table instances, and did the thing
# Jun 12th, 13:43 neon1024 @ricksaccous I’d probably write my own Auth adapter
# Jun 12th, 13:42 ricksaccous I think the answer is yessssss
# Jun 12th, 13:40 ondrej.nedvidek Hi there ;) ``` Select id, column1, null as column2 from tableA UNION Select id, column1, column2 from tableB ``` Does anybody know how to specify `union` null fields? As example above
# Jun 12th, 13:40 ricksaccous that supports multiple tables
# Jun 12th, 13:40 ricksaccous would the best way to go about that be to write my own resolver
# Jun 12th, 13:40 ricksaccous if i wanted to potentially verify users across multiple tables
# Jun 12th, 13:40 ricksaccous so
# Jun 12th, 13:35 niel45 many thanks
# Jun 12th, 13:35 neon1024 :thumbsup:
# Jun 12th, 13:34 niel45 @neon1024 looks like that fixed it
# Jun 12th, 13:32 niel45 definitely
# Jun 12th, 13:32 neon1024 Might be worth a go
# Jun 12th, 13:31 niel45 err no
# Jun 12th, 13:31 neon1024 niel45, Did you clear your composer cache?
# Jun 12th, 13:27 niel45 nope, that doesn't help
# Jun 12th, 13:26 niel45 I'll try deleting the composer.lock and doing composer install
# Jun 12th, 13:24 niel45 damn. I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working, or how to fix it
# Jun 12th, 13:24 Arckame niel45, composer is ok for me
# Jun 12th, 13:17 niel45 Is anybody else having problems with 'composer update'? It has been failing since yesterday for me, being unable to install cakephp/migrations because it cannot find a matching package for symfony/yaml
# Jun 12th, 13:15 dereuromark nah for session (stateful) this is not a good idea as static
# Jun 12th, 13:15 Arckame @dereuromark yep, but it use session. Not the best way of just codes and labels. using a static function (like with Number or Hash helpers) looks better. but thank you for the advice :)
# Jun 12th, 13:12 dereuromark you can pass down info, see how tinyauth AuthUser does it
# Jun 12th, 13:11 Arckame the helper function is now static... :D
# Jun 12th, 13:11 Arckame it was obvious...
# Jun 12th, 13:11 Arckame ok found...
# Jun 12th, 13:11 Arckame ...
# Jun 12th, 13:09 Arckame Any idea ?
# Jun 12th, 13:09 Arckame As I don't want to have labels store in both helper and component / controller, what can I do ? maintaining a table ? (not sure it's the best way). Is there is a way to a component to access an Helper or for an Helper access an component ?
# Jun 12th, 13:08 Arckame In an online payment application, I know from the bank a return code list and the corresponding labels. As these labels can be used in multiples pages, I created an helper. And because it's in a helper, it's not availble from my controllers. but in the case of an excel extract, the excel file is build in a controller and I can't access the helper.
# Jun 12th, 13:08 Arckame hello
# Jun 12th, 11:12 skor $apiClient = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $remoteFile = $apiClient->request(‘GET’, ’http://remotefile/location')->getBody(); return $this->response ->withStringBody((string) $remoteFile) ->withType(‘pdf’) ->withDownload(‘YourFile.pdf’);
# Jun 12th, 11:12 skor ```
# Jun 12th, 11:12 skor ok, figured it out, if this helps anyone:
# Jun 12th, 11:09 conehead Isn't it possible to copy (part of) the headers as well as the body?
# Jun 12th, 11:01 skor hey everyone! im downloading a file in cake with guzzle. file is generated by another container in the stack, the “other” container is inaccessible via the public network, its only accessible for my frontend. so, i would like to forward that file directly from the controller with the response, i tried withFile but that checks for a local file, and i would like to avoid saving it, then forwarding it, then having to delete it is there a way?
# Jun 12th, 11:01 slackebot1 thanks
# Jun 12th, 10:04 neon1024 Thanks for the clarification @edgaras.jan :thumbsup:
# Jun 12th, 10:03 leon ok, thank you!
# Jun 12th, 10:03 edgaras.jan csrf is just random data, security component is hash of fields
# Jun 12th, 09:59 neon1024 Well, the locked fields, obviously if you unlock fields they are omitted I think
# Jun 12th, 09:59 neon1024 I believe so, as the token is a hash of the fields
# Jun 12th, 09:57 leon Is the from helper connected to csrf token, so that he knows which input was generated by cake?
# Jun 12th, 09:52 neon1024 Then I can access that library class in helpers, controllers, models, etc
# Jun 12th, 09:52 neon1024 I’ve written a basic permissions library class which does all the permissions tests and configures the permissions by role setup
# Jun 12th, 09:51 neon1024 I have to implement all this soon, but I haven’t got to it just yet
# Jun 12th, 09:51 neon1024 Then in the helper match the permissions from the users session data
# Jun 12th, 09:51 neon1024 `if ($this->Permissions->has('seeFinance'){ echo $this->Form->control('money'); }`
# Jun 12th, 09:50 neon1024 I would just add a condition in the template, probably using a helper
# Jun 12th, 09:34 leon Hello guys, what is a good way, to disable the access to a field/column (or more than one) for a user/group? Is there already a standard way to realize this? (cake 3.7)
# Jun 12th, 08:40 neon1024 Hopefully the tournament isn’t won by the team who managed to play the most complete matches!
# Jun 12th, 08:39 neon1024 It is unseasonably rainy here
# Jun 12th, 08:38 admad yes :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 12th, 08:38 neon1024 @admad Oh? Did I miss some news? Is this about there being no reserve days?
# Jun 12th, 08:37 noel European Central Bank?
# Jun 12th, 08:36 admad @neon1024 Morning and screw ECB :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 12th, 08:31 neon1024 Morning all :wave:
# Jun 11th, 22:30 ricksaccous hmmmm
# Jun 11th, 22:30 ricksaccous is it possible to change the identifier configuration on the fly
# Jun 11th, 22:03 ricksaccous i mean the issue not the PR
# Jun 11th, 22:03 ricksaccous for posterity
# Jun 11th, 22:03 ricksaccous https://github.com/cakephp/authentication/issues/214
# Jun 11th, 22:03 ricksaccous nah saw the pr and was able to fix it
# Jun 11th, 22:03 ricksaccous wow
# Jun 11th, 21:56 ricksaccous but not sure yet
# Jun 11th, 21:56 ricksaccous for form Authenticator
# Jun 11th, 21:56 ricksaccous i think the authenticator loginUrl might be bugged
# Jun 11th, 21:28 ricksaccous hmmm
# Jun 11th, 21:28 ricksaccous can i do it from the AuthenticationService
# Jun 11th, 21:28 ricksaccous of an authenticator