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# Aug 19th, 09:16 neon1024 @dereuromark Not sure I’d be able to do that! :bow:
# Aug 19th, 09:16 neon1024 Thanks @spriz
# Aug 19th, 09:16 alexdd55976 ok.. cake4 has a twig error message thrwoing out on `bake model all`
# Aug 19th, 09:13 alexdd55976 wasn't there a `bake All All` command?
# Aug 19th, 09:11 alexdd55976 @conehead htanks.. i have a different php.ini for cli ... totally forgot that
# Aug 19th, 09:10 spriz @neon1024 maybe you can tweak https://github.com/josegonzalez/cakephp-version/ into the associations thingy?
# Aug 19th, 09:08 conehead even with `php -m`?
# Aug 19th, 09:08 alexdd55976 mysqli mysqlpdo.. all there
# Aug 19th, 09:08 conehead Check your php.ini file if required extensions are enabled
# Aug 19th, 09:06 dereuromark @neon1024 Sounds like a job for IdeHelper Illuminator tasks. You can add it.
# Aug 19th, 09:06 alexdd55976 xamp
# Aug 19th, 09:06 conehead What is your php server?
# Aug 19th, 09:06 alexdd55976 i know
# Aug 19th, 09:06 conehead It is not a cake error
# Aug 19th, 09:05 conehead Check phpinfo
# Aug 19th, 09:04 alexdd55976 and let me just mention *i hate windows*
# Aug 19th, 09:04 alexdd55976 where is that message coming from
# Aug 19th, 09:04 alexdd55976 i had this issue on just calling the site... which i had fix
# Aug 19th, 09:03 alexdd55976 ```C:\webroot\next-gen\bin>php cake.php bake all cake.phpBake All --------------------------------------------------------------- Possible model names based on your database: Exception: Database driver Cake\Database\Driver\Mysql cannot be used due to a missing PHP extension or unmet dependency in [C:\webroot\next-gen\vendor\cakephp\cakephp\src\Database\Connection.php, line 179] 2019-08-19 09:01:41 Error:
# Aug 19th, 09:03 slackebot [Cake\Database\Exception\MissingExtensionException] Database driver Cake\Database\Driver\Mysql cannot be used due to a missing PHP extension or unmet dependency in C:\webroot\next-gen\vendor\cakephp\cakephp\src\Database\Connection.php on line 179 Exception Attributes: array ( 'driver' => 'Cake\\Database\\Driver\\Mysql', )```
# Aug 19th, 09:03 alexdd55976 need some help in setting up cake
# Aug 19th, 08:09 neon1024 Probably use PHP Tokenizer or similar
# Aug 19th, 08:09 neon1024 Re-baking can lose validation and stuff
# Aug 19th, 08:09 neon1024 Anyone have a plugin which uses bake to add new fields to models automatically when the schema changes?
# Aug 19th, 08:09 kasunwijesekara @conehead let me check and get back to you.
# Aug 19th, 08:05 neon1024 Or do people just use Duplicatable and set a version?
# Aug 19th, 08:05 neon1024 Anyone know of a plugin for versioning entities with associations?
# Aug 19th, 07:58 neon1024 Morning all :wave:
# Aug 19th, 07:36 conehead @kasunwijesekara Is the mysql db accessible at all? Can you connect from your local pc via `mysql` to it? Usually you do not have to set up anything in the controller
# Aug 19th, 07:33 alexdd55976 @admad thanks a lot
# Aug 19th, 07:32 kasunwijesekara @conehead hey! So i have two droplets, one has the DB and the other is running the cakeapp. The two droplet communicates via the CLI but the connection between the app and the mysql db doesn’t work. I used this tutorial - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-ssl-tls-for-mysql-on-ubuntu-18-04 Is there something specific i have to do other than configuring the app.php file? Like say e.g. Change some
# Aug 19th, 07:32 slackebot settings in the controller or etc?
# Aug 19th, 07:31 admad `composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:4.x-dev`
# Aug 19th, 07:29 conehead @kasunwijesekara Where is the problem? You can set up a remote database in the configuration?
# Aug 19th, 07:28 alexdd55976 ok.. then i do so
# Aug 19th, 07:28 conehead @alexdd55976 Not sure, but creating a project with 3.8 and then upgrading to 4.0 seems fine for me. At least as long as 4.0 is still in development
# Aug 19th, 07:22 kasunwijesekara What’s the process of connecting to a remote db? Is there a process to configure the CakePHP app? TIA!
# Aug 19th, 07:16 alexdd55976 or do i have to go the way installing 3.8 first?
# Aug 19th, 07:15 alexdd55976 how can i install cake4 via composer?
# Aug 19th, 07:15 alexdd55976 hey fellows
# Aug 19th, 01:53 brett If I create a sub-command in a command, how can I know which sub-command was executed?
# Aug 18th, 16:33 racmiroslav Hey guys. I have uploaded files of my plugin to the production server. I have updated composer.json (psr4-autoload). My new files are not recognized by autoloader even after I run `composer dump-autoload`. Any ideas?
# Aug 18th, 13:48 ndm Of course you could also iterate over the array and check authorization for every entity in the array "manually".
# Aug 18th, 13:45 ndm @mrfeedback There's no policy resolver for "arrays of entities", you could write one yourself, even though it would probably turn out a little weird, given that PHP doesn't have typed arrays, so you'd have to check each item in the array. A possibly "cleaner" way might be to convert the array into a custom iterable object that can only hold instances of a specific entity class, that could be easily identified by your resolver.
# Aug 18th, 04:02 COOurb thanks
# Aug 18th, 04:01 COOurb oukay, it fixed by "bin/cake plugin load -b Acl"
# Aug 18th, 03:57 COOurb tables acos and aros created, no errors in installation logs
# Aug 18th, 03:56 COOurb hey, I have error With ACL plugin. "The datasource configuration "" was not found. "
# Aug 17th, 17:24 mrfeedback how should I handle massassignments with Authorization plugin? `$collectionparts = $this->Collectionparts->patchEntities($collectionparts,$data); $this->Authorization->can($collectionparts,'update'); ` throws an error ` Error: [Authorization\Policy\Exception\MissingPolicyException] Policy for 'array' has not been defined.`
# Aug 17th, 06:14 NickFuryBR Hey guys, I'm having troubles to save a hasmany relationship using the Proffer :( may anyone help me?
# Aug 17th, 02:18 ggrecu059 Hope others can benefit from this :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 17th, 02:18 ggrecu059 I finally found out why i was getting a 404. In my apache config i had MultiViews enabled Apache website, the effect of Multiviews, as listed under Content Negotiation, is as follows: > If the server receives a request for /some/dir/foo, if /some/dir has MultiViews enabled, and /some/dir/foo does not exist, then the server reads the directory looking for files named foo.*, and effectively fakes up a type map which names all those files,
# Aug 17th, 02:18 slackebot assigning them the same media types and content-encodings it would have if the client had asked for one of them by name. It then chooses the best match to the client's requirements.
# Aug 17th, 02:18 ggrecu059 Ok i figured it out :partyparrot:
# Aug 17th, 01:59 sphereweb Good evening
# Aug 17th, 01:52 ggrecu059 Hello fellow Cake enthusiasts. I have a quick question. I have tried for hours to find out why i cannot make a route for the `https://domain.com/robots.txt` using the following code `Router::connect('/robots', array('controller' => 'pages','action' => 'robots', 'ext' => 'txt'));` It keeps giving me a 404, but its like the Apache 404. Seems like its not going to Cake .. any ideas?
# Aug 17th, 01:20 Ayz4 hello !!
# Aug 16th, 21:11 maymeow but its working now ;)
# Aug 16th, 21:10 maymeow thank you @ndm but in `3.7.*` i have to use ``` $conn = ConnectionManager::getConfig('default'); if ($conn['driver'] == Sqlserver::class) { ```
# Aug 16th, 21:06 ndm Obtain an instance of the connection, and either check its configuration, or the driver instance, like: `\Cake\Datasource\ConnectionManager::get('default')->config()` or `\Cake\Datasource\ConnectionManager::get('default')->getDriver()`
# Aug 16th, 21:03 maymeow @ndm im using default connection as standard in whole application
# Aug 16th, 21:02 ndm @maymeow "currently used database driver" is rather ambigous, as repositories can use different connections (and therefore different drivers). Your example looks like you want to know which driver a specific connection is using?
# Aug 16th, 20:57 ndm @etipaced Sounds like the saner approach for now, if you just need some additional data for an existing dataset.
# Aug 16th, 20:55 maymeow how can i get currently used database driver in controller ? `Configure::read('Datasourceds.default.driver')` is returning null
# Aug 16th, 20:32 etipaced @ndm I was back and forth on the 2 approaches. I think a result formatter is all I need for now as this is a basic key => val dataset that’s coming back to me. I did start playing with the creation of a custom `Driver` object, but I’m thinking that is only the tip of the torture.
# Aug 16th, 20:27 ndm But if you really want to go off of the deep end, maybe start with looking into using custom association and loader classes.
# Aug 16th, 20:26 ndm Unless you really, reeeeeealy need such a transparent solution, I'd probably consider something more basic first, like a result formatter that queries the other datasource merges the data into the result set.
# Aug 16th, 20:25 ndm @etipaced You want to combine different datasources under the common ORM interface? Oh boy, be prepared for a world of pain, suffering, and outright unfathomable agony :relaxed:
# Aug 16th, 20:05 etipaced This table would be used in a `belongsTo` relationship with a MySQL-backed `Table` (having the converse `hasMany`, of course).
# Aug 16th, 20:04 etipaced What would be the correct approach to creating a table that has a JSON API as its data source (no database, iow)?
# Aug 16th, 19:29 davorminchorov Ok will check it out, thanks!
# Aug 16th, 16:25 dereuromark @davorminchorov 3.7/3.8 became a bit more strict in handling invalid input types, see migration guides
# Aug 16th, 15:43 jortega it looks pretty similar
# Aug 16th, 15:43 jortega Hi, it is a thread at stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40110318/cannot-convert-value-to-string-when-retrieving-data-belongstomany-relationshi maybe it could helo you
# Aug 16th, 15:39 davorminchorov Anyone here ever got the following error when saving data with the Entity object? `Cannot convert value of type `string` to integer` It's weird that it throws such an error when the database field and the field are strings, not integers
# Aug 16th, 15:10 neon1024 Anyway, job for Monday. Have a great weekend everyone :wave:
# Aug 16th, 15:09 neon1024 Perhaps I’ll have to build something
# Aug 16th, 15:08 neon1024 Although it doesn’t enforce workflow, but just adds api sugar
# Aug 16th, 15:08 neon1024 I think I’m looking for this actually :point_right: https://github.com/cakemanager/cakephp-utils/wiki/stateable
# Aug 16th, 15:07 neon1024 Don’t fancy doing that!
# Aug 16th, 15:06 val @neon1024 You can try to migrate it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th, 15:03 neon1024 `3.8.2` :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th, 15:03 neon1024 Sorry, forgot to mention the version!
# Aug 16th, 15:02 neon1024 I’m on 3.x :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th, 15:02 val @neon1024 https://github.com/bancer/cakephp-wizard for 2.x
# Aug 16th, 15:00 neon1024 My app needs some workflows :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th, 14:51 spriz I saw some talking a while ago with some immutable transform actions
# Aug 16th, 14:11 neon1024 Did someone have a plugin which was around working with stepped processes? Such as moving an order from basket, pending, paid, shipped, completed, etc? Like a workflow
# Aug 16th, 13:42 CakeBegginer can you guys help me where am I wrong
# Aug 16th, 13:41 CakeBegginer Hello guys, I'm stuck into an Issue, i have created a website with cakePHP and it is working well with localhost, but when I've uploaded it on server it is not, and showing me en error of "misconfiguration",
# Aug 16th, 13:24 neon1024 Good question for cakefest
# Aug 16th, 12:31 challgren I wish I could go but it would cost an arm and a leg for me is it going to web streamed at all?
# Aug 16th, 09:35 alexdd55976 i would so love to come to cakefest. first of all to meet you guys personally, also the topics are very interesting
# Aug 16th, 09:18 hmic s/ens/ions/
# Aug 16th, 09:17 hmic I am happy for suggestens before I decide to go ;-)
# Aug 16th, 09:17 neon1024 @hmic I have a hotel near Shinjuku-Gyoemmae subway station
# Aug 16th, 09:16 neon1024 Morning team! :wave:
# Aug 16th, 09:09 hmic Where are zou guys staying?
# Aug 16th, 09:09 koeller @admad thanks alot. works now :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th, 09:09 hmic ah, guys... I just thought about joining cakefest this time...